Monday, August 2, 2010

The Summer of the X-ray

A couple of doctor's appointments of note in the last few days. The first was Lucy's 15-month well check-up on Friday. She wowed the doctor with her charm and growth, and managed to recover pretty quickly from the three shots she received. The stats rundown:

Height: 31 and 3/4 inches (85%)
Weight: 24 lbs 12 oz (75%)
Head: something that comes out to 50%

Nothing really to note, other than the fact that we are being advised to give Lucy a vitamin, despite her non-picky, voracious appetite. This is because she is still on reflux meds, and apparently long-term treatment with PPIs can reduce absorption of some vital nutrients. Hence, the Flinstones will be coming to dinner every night, once I can get my act in gear and remember to actually give them to her (and Finn while I'm at it). We have a bottle of the gummy vitamins, just haven't actually remembered to bring them out and use them.

That was our planned doctor's visit. The need for the unplanned one occurred right as we were filling our trunk with a bunch of frozen Costco purchases on Saturday. It involves one of those moments as a parent LauraC referred to when you are proven to be SO RIGHT. Though I can't say it made me feel particularly awesome. Per usual, I opened Finn's car door for him so he could climb into the car, then walked around to get Lucy into her seat (as M. unloaded our cart into the trunk). Usually once I have Lucy buckled in, I then walk around the car to help Finn with his carseat straps. This time, though, as I placed Lucy in her seat, I heard a car door shut, a gasp of surprise, and then a slow build-up to screams. Lots of panicky screams. Before I even looked, I knew what had happened.

Finn has, on a few previous occasions, decided to shut his car door himself, from the inside. EVERY SINGLE TIME he does this, I yell and scold and worry and try to get the message across that THIS IS DANGEROUS. HANDS COULD GET CAUGHT. DO NOT DO THIS. EVER. Well, he now knows this firsthand. I had to drop Lucy in her seat, run shakily around to the other side of the car, and open the door to free Finn's right hand. And while our Costco purchases languished in a hot trunk, Finn got this:

A nice trip to urgent care, and the third M. family X ray in less than 3 weeks. M. went in with Finn to get the X-ray while I wrangled Lucy, so I can't say for sure, but I'm betting they didn't ask Finn if there was a chance he might be pregnant :-). Fortunately, all he received were a few dents in his skin that went away fairly quickly - no broken bones, and not even a bruise to remind him of the experience. Hopefully the memory will last a bit longer than that, and keep him from harming himself further with doors of heavy machinery. Gah!

Once we got that out of the way, and gave Lucy some time to nap, we headed off to the local splash park. Both kids had a blast, and were very brave (despite the cloudy skies that made things pretty chilly, for a change). Lucy amazed me with how willing she was to just wade right in to the center of the fray. Photo taking took a bit of a back seat while we chased after them, but I was not too busy to notice the extremely inappropriate clothing I saw on many of the adults at the splash park. Who goes to one of these places without a bathing suit? Do you really expect to NOT get wet? I saw women in heels and (short) skirts, jewelry, dresses, etc, completely wet. And then there are the ones that wore very casual clothes, apparently intending them to get wet, but no bathing suit underneath. If we were lucky, there was perhaps a bra. If we were very lucky, they weren't wearing very thin white T shirt (you know, the type that become transparent when wet). Good lord, people, let's use some common sense here!

We did manage to snap a couple of pictures, though, for your enjoyment. Of the kids, of the kids. Not the see-through clothes :-).

And a couple of bonus pics:

Zoning out in front of the TV, but at least they're dressed well!

Kicking back with the remote


  1. Dang!
    X-ray hand shut in car door SO MUCH WORSE than a simple head on the bottom of the pool.

    That last picture is freaking adorable.

  2. So glad Finn is a-ok. Cute, cute pictures :)

  3. Great pictures! Tell Finn we are sorry he hurt his hand. . .and the frozen stuff will refreeze with no problem.

  4. In the last photo she looks so much like her brother! Our "splash" park is really just a giant wadding pool so I don't wear a bathing suit. :)

  5. I had my hand smashed in a car door when I was a kid. My finger is still slightly crooked. But you know that was in the old days when we didn't get xrays or wear helmets or seatbelts, etc.