Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eye Candy Only

The last several weeks have been busy, mostly work-wise, but also at home. Hence my lack of blogging. I'd like to give updates, but instead I'm just going to throw up a few photos for the family and hope I have time to write more after this week - hopefully things will be slowing down after this Friday.

On the way to the National Zoo

At the Zoo

If only all my pictures could be taken outside...

Shockingly blue lollipop tongue

In mid "pumping the brake" soccer move

Watching her brother play soccer (she is not normally this still)

Playing with silly bands instead of listening to the coach (my opinion of silly bands is for another post)

Staunchly refusing to give in to fall weather by wearing pants (and instead, wearing far too small 2T shorts)

The family's littlest Cheesehead

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Did You Know?

According to Finn, it will take exactly 151 farts to get rid of the new car smell in our new car.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Direct Proof

I propose that September is a kickass month. Here are the factual statements (with photographic evidence) to back up my assertion.

If, by the 6th of September, you have already:

1. bought a new car

New car on right, car that was kicked to the curb on the left

2. had a 4 day weekend

3. spent most of that weekend with your best friend that you haven't seen in almost 2 years


4. While the two of you were matrons of honor for your OTHER best friend's wedding

The bride, Yson (aka Allyson)

Her faithful attendants (me and Jen)

The big kiss moment

5. And actually got to hang out with adults, including everyone's husband

Yson and her new husband Tim

Jen and her husband Daniel

M. and me

6. And danced, a lot

The bride and Daniel getting down

7. Then returned home to kids who totally survived their first overnight with a babysitter JUST FINE

8. Took a 3 hour nap to get over all the wine that was consumed

Full disclosure, though this is a picture of M., I'm the one who took the nap on Sunday. But to be fair, I had two whole nights of wine drinking, while he only had one because he was home with the kids. I clearly deserved it more ;-).

9. Took the kids to play at a local soccer field and park and had lots of fun that cost absolutely nothing

The closest she came to playing soccer - the rest of the time she just made me hold her. Someone missed her mommy!

The next Beckham - it's crazy how good he has gotten in the last few months!

10. Spent over an hour coloring with your almost-4-year-old son

11. And said farewell to summer by watching the neighbors let their dogs swim wild at the neighborhood pool before it closed until next May,

Then it must be true that September is a really, really great month.


(And this doesn't even count the remaining 24 days, which happen to include M.'s and my 7-year anniversary...)