Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Some random thoughts, etc:

* Two of my favorite songs on my running mix right now are Rihanna's "Umbrella" and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers "Runnin' Down a Dream." The rhythms match my pace, the songs are energetic but not annoyingly so, and can you get more on topic/relevant than "Running Down a Dream?"

* Why is it that whenever you are awakened in the early morning hours by something (I'm looking at you, CAT), it is the exact moment that you start to sink back in to sleep that a child decides to wake up? This is the absolute worst time to be forced out of bed, in my opinion, because you have JUST gotten comfortable again. Couldn't they time it a smidge better, for example, during that post-wake-up, wide awake period where you are thinking angry thoughts about whatever woke you up (again, CAT) and wondering if you actually have more time to sleep? Or, if not then, perhaps a good 20-30 minutes after you fall back to sleep so that you can actually feel like the second round of sleep was restful and worth it?

* I have renewed my love of pesto. At one time in graduate school, M. and I were in pesto-love, and even made our own homemade pesto sauce, stockpiling little baggies in the freezer to get us through the winter. Then something changed, and it appealed less to me. This happens to me often, like with white wines. First I LOVED oaky chardonnays. Then I couldn't stand them, and loved all things sauvignon blanc. Now SB's seem too acidic to me, and I'm all about the unoaked/steel aged chardonnays. But, back to the pesto. Things changed (was I trying to be more health conscious? Frugal in my food purchases? I'm not really sure what happened), and pesto and I were on the outs for a bit. But I recently picked up some Buitoni pesto sauce to go with some strangely-colored-but-aptly-named "Four Color Five Cheese Ravioli", as I didn't want to cover the brilliant colors of the ravioli (seriously, you should see the red ones) with tomato sauce. And... it was fantastic. Fan-freakin'-tastic. Pesto, we are back on! Now if you could just see about creating a low-calorie, just-as-tasty version of yourself...

* When watching a House Hunters-type show, where you follow people in the market for a new house as they look at properties, it always annoys me when the prospective homebuyer gets into the bathtub. I've seen both men and women do this, and my first thought is always "hey, you're still wearing your shoes! That's someone else's tub!" What is the purpose, exactly? If you are a giant, and wondering if you will fit in the tub, well, hey - you are old enough to buy a house. YOU SHOULD KNOW BY NOW THAT YOU WON'T FIT IN THE TUB. Even worse is when they lie down on the master bed. It strikes me as kind of pervy and gross. Unless this is House Hunters International, where all the houses seem to come fully furnished, YOU ARE NOT BUYING THE BED. And also, someone else probably (hopefully) has sex on the bed you are currently lying on. With your shoes on.

* I co-hosted a shower this past weekend, and finally purchased something through Etsy, an online collection of vendors with an array of handmade products that I have often searched through, coveted, and ultimately not bought (sense of budget-mindedness always took over and convinced me NOT to buy the oh-so-adorable-but-not-cheap necklace/earrings/scarf/baby hat/etc). But in this case, I was looking for favors for the guests, and wanted something unique and un-cheesy. And of course, I was doing this at the last minute because that's just how I roll. Anyway, I found these:

picture from Bebe Sniklefritz

Button mirrors with the non-mirror side covered in different colorful fabric patterns (with an overlayer of mylar to protect the fabric). It was great - I ordered the mirrors in an assortment of fabrics, they were mailed out the next day, I got them in time for the shower, and best of all, they came already inserted into little gauze bags. I added a small lip gloss into each bag and... voila! The perfect party favor (IMHO, of course). The mirrors were cute, and now that I'm no longer an Etsy virgin, I have a feeling I'll be shopping there more often.


  1. Great idea for the favors! And not too pricey I hope. I totally agree with your HH comment.

  2. Our friends were on House Hunters a few weeks ago and I watched it for the first time. He got in the tub. I didn't understand why.

  3. They lay on the bed? I don't think I've ever seen that one! Seriously that does not freak me out though, just think of all the hotel beds and all that goes on there before you check in. Eww, better yet, don't think about it!