Friday, July 30, 2010

Personal Information

This is outside the realm of parenting - sorry family members! Just wanted to share a moment I had yesterday that should have been way more awkward than it was. I blame childbirth, as once you've gone through that and let it ALL hang out (twice), you really have no shame at all. At least, I apparently don't.

Had to go in for a follow up X-ray yesterday. Follow-up, some of you may ask? For those of you that aren't family members or Facebook friends, you probably don't know that I broke my finger about two and a half weeks ago, right before going on vacation. Great timing for my first broken bone, right? You can all give M. a hard time about it, because it happened as I was throwing the dirty socks he left in the living room up the stairs, closer to the HAMPER, where they should have been in the first place. You could also blame Lucy, as the only reason I was picking up the house that day was because I was home with her due to the bouts of diarrhea she decided to inflict on herself and her daycare the day before, thus getting herself sent home from school. Regardless, while I exuberantly threw the socks UP the stairwell, my aim was a bit off, and my pinky finger connected quite loudly with the bannister, bending in the entirely wrong direction. Ugh. Anywho, went to urgent care the next day, got an X-ray that showed the digit was indeed broken, and had an appointment with an orthopedic specialist before leaving on vacation.

My follow up with the orthopedist was yesterday, and I had another X-ray taken to determine the healing progress (it is healing very well, in case you were concerned, as I'm sure you were). This is where the awkward-ish moment comes in to play. The first time I had an X ray, they made sure to ask me if I was pregnant, and I signed a sheet verifying that I was not pregnant, knew the risks of X-ray while pregnant, etc. This time around, the technician (young male), asked if there is any chance I was pregnant. I said no, of course, as I did the first time around (OF COURSE. I'M DONE). And maybe this is just the orthopedic office's standard protocol, but it's like he didn't believe me because he then asked me when my last period was. First, let me just say that it's not always easy to recall that kind of information. Unless you are currently tracking your periods for some sort of birth control method (hah!) or because you are trying to conceive, there is no real REASON to remember exactly when you last started bleeding like a stuck pig. I always, always have a hard time with this question.

This time, however, was not so hard. Why? Of course, because I'm in the MIDDLE of my period. So I had to answer "Right now, actually" to him. Nothing like admitting to a young male stranger that, why yes, don't come too close, I might bleed on you. It seemed a bit intimate to admit to someone, but then again I didn't even blush. Awkward, schmawkward (after all, here I am posting it on the internet, so... yeah, officially no shame over here). And then he wrote the date of my period on a sheet of paper that also included all those above-mentioned carefully-worded statements about risks and pregnancy and X ray, etc, and made me sign it.

In blood.

Just kidding, I used a pen, but that would have been funny, right? In some circles?


  1. Too funny! Less awkward but along those lines, I had a chest x-ray before my thyroid surgery and she also asked me when m LMP was. I am used to this question as I have been to a lot of doc's lately. The answer to that question is 4/8/2008, right before I got pregnant with Jake. I don't know if she believed me or not but she wrote it down and I signed :)

  2. Bahhh ahhh ahhh! I feel about the same way. With everything I had to do (and show off) during my fertility treatments, nothing really turns me red anymore!

  3. I am getting a cat scan in a few weeks (nothing too exciting, no worries) and already signed a paper about the pregnancy thing - I thought of you! Ha!