Thursday, August 12, 2010


This is not actually a post about triscadecaphobia, the fear of the number 13. This is just a post about more random, unrelated stuff. But I heard someone on the radio discussing triscadecaphobia this morning, since tomorrow is Friday the 13th, and I just kind of liked the way the word sounds. Thought it would make a good blog post title, but couldn't come up with anything relevant as I'm not particularly superstitous.

So, on to my unrelated "stuff":

1) Had a bit of a scare today. Finn went on a field trip to a local playground yesterday, and when I picked him up from daycare, I noticed that he had flushed cheeks and a bit of a rash mixed in. During bathtime, it was revealed that he actually had an all-over body rash. I chalked it up to heat rash, since he played outside for a few hours in the middle of the day, slathered on some Aquaphor, and thought nothing more of it. Then I received a call this morning from the Director of his daycare, letting me know that one of the kids in Finn's classroom had been diagnosed with scabies. Yikes!!!!! If you're not sure what scabies is, give a look at the link. Basically, it's like lice for your entire body - incredibly contagious, involves an all-over body lotion treatment that has to be applied at least twice, quarrantined clothes, stuffed animals, bedding, and lots and lots of laundry. Needless to say, I was not psyched about this turn of events.

The story ends well (for now), as it turns out Finn actually has parvovirus, not scabies. And a mild form of it to boot. Lucy has since started to come down with a similar rash, so I guess it's making it's way through the family. However, for the next month or two, however long it takes scabies mites' eggs to hatch, we need to be on the lookout for any signs and symptoms. All digits are double and triple crossed over here that it stays far, far away from our house.

2) Lucy is pushy. Literally. Usually about food. She often wanders into the kitchen while I'm cooking dinner, clutching her empty snack bowl and saying "nummy, nummy." Which apparently means, give me some more yummy snack, lady! When I don't comply (as I often don't, because I want to make sure she eats the dinner I will serve mere moments later), she weasels her way between me and the kitchen counter and pushes on me. I'm not sure exactly what she's hoping to accomplish with the pushing. Is she trying to get me to the pantry, where all the nummmy food resides? Is she trying to push me over to her high chair, so I can load her in and feed her dinner? I don't know, but she is STRONG.

3) I bought Lucy new sneakers online, and they arrived today. They look like adult sneakers, but miniaturized, and I find this quite adorable. Is it strange that I momentarily considered buying myself a matching pair?

Picture from here.

4) Finished "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" this week. I liked it, but didn't love it. I felt like the story was interesting, but could have been written in a more suspensful, exciting manner. Plus, something is lost in a Swedish-to-English translation that utilizes the word "anon" at least twice, perhaps. Still, good read, I shall tackle the remaining two books in the series. Just not sure it's quite deserving of all the hoopla it's been getting.


  1. I just picked up #2 and #3 in the series. I'll let you know if they are better than the first which was good, but slow until the two protagonists met. And I totally would have bought a matching pair of shoes! Those are adorable!!!

  2. Dad said the series is great but next you have to read the Hunger Games series...which your sister will tell you totally rocks..that's K not S because she will be getting them next