Sunday, January 31, 2010

Avoiding the Brightly-Lit Aisles

There is one chore that hangs over our heads every weekend, often from the moment it starts until about 5 o'clock on Sunday, cutting in mentally and literally on our precious free time. Like mopping the floor, I'd give it up entirely, except that without it we would cease to exist. I speak of grocery shopping. Dreaded every weekend. Either one of us runs out during the precious naptime moments, thereby giving up much more enjoyable things like sleep or television, or we all truck out together as a family. Which often involves a three-year-old public tantrum that leaves us all weary and embarrassed.

In all honesty, there are just so many other things I'd RATHER do with my time than grocery shop. So, I am seriously considering using a grocery delivery service (Pea Pod). I've outsourced the mopping of my floors (after letting the grime build for nearly a year), and now I think I'm going to outsource my grocery shopping. The trial run will likely be next week, as M. is currently at the grocery store doing this week's shopping (never fear, I sent him with a list so he wouldn't go crazy and come home with buffalo wings and ice cream and nothing else). It seems as though the financial cost will be a $7-$8 delivery charge and a tip for the driver - not too bad. But still an extra cost, so I'm not completely sold yet. Have any of you used a grocery delivery service? Do you like it?

In an unrelated note, Finn has been cracking us up lately (when he isn't making us blow steam out of our ears). I keep meaning to keep a running record of the things he says, but as with creating a baby book for each kid, I have been unsuccessful in following through. I'll share this little tidbit, though, as it's fresh in my mind. Finn has a good handle on gender - he knows he is a boy, Lucy is a girl, etc. The concept of "Human," though, has been more difficult for him to grasp. Last night at dinner he got downright mad when M. and I told him that he is human. He insisted, instead, that he is a huboy. And I am a hugirl (he refused to admit I'm a woman and calls me a girl - I'm either flattered or offended, not sure which), Lucy is a hubaby, and Macy (our cat) is a hucat. The only human in the room, according to Finn, was M. His confidence in his rightness was charming and hysterical.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Numbers

To keep from yawning the rest of my way through anti-terrorist training at work, I am taking a quick blogging break to bring you... Lucy's 9-Month Stats! I know you were waiting with baited breath, right?

Weight: 20 lbs 5 oz (75%)
Height: 28 3/4 inches (85%)
Head: ??? (65%)

I can never remember those head measurements. Am I just confident in my children's mental capabilities? Or lack of head cysts? Head size is just not a thing on my worry radar.

So, the Goose is much lighter than I thought she'd be. Could be related to that bout with a tummy bug a few weeks ago, but she's back to chugging her bottles and crying for more so I thought she'd weigh more in the 22 lb range. Especially since she is (still) not moving around yet. No army crawling, no regular crawling, no pulling up, not even a decent butt scoot yet. She is pleasantly immobile, a mother's dream.

For comparison-sake, here are Finn's 9-month stats (from back in July 2007):
Weight: 19 lbs 4 oz (10-25%)
Height: 27 3/4 inches (25%)
Head: ????

Though a bit low on the scale, by his next appointment at one year, he chunked up a bit and ran numbers in the 50% for height and weight, which he maintains to this day. He was teeny-weeny for a long time, though, which Lucy has just never been, not from the day she made her grand entrance to the world. It's just yet another reminder how these two kids are like night and day.

M. took Lucy to the appointment, as I was out of town for work. He had the fun of sitting through her screams the entire visit (that girl HATES the doctor's office). The doctor prescribed us a goal of feeding Lucy more finger foods, including meat and vegetables. Knowing me, I will be taking it VERY easy on the meats (probably just let daycare handle that one). Regardless, I don't think it will be terribly challenging - Lucy has only been at the finger foods a couple of weeks, but she is getting good at feeding herself and LOVES everything we've given her so far (banana, avocado, ravioli, pear, bread, cheerios, other things in the carb-lover family...).

Which leads me to: Sigh - where's my BAY-BEEE?? She's growing UP! Too fast. A little less of that, eh? Please?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Unrelated and Likely Boring

I am at a loss for a cohesive blog post. Things are ramping up at work for me, and my brain is more focused on my super long "To Do" list than any topic that may interest you. Instead, some unrelated blatherings:

1) M. mentioned this weekend that he gets very angry when the kids cry. All he can think about is making the crying stop. He wondered if this made him a bad parent. I told him that it did not. I have a visceral reaction whenever the kids don't sleep (usually this involves crying, too, but it's not crying that drives me crazy, it's the lack of sleep. Which is often tied in heavily to my lack of sleep). I don't get mad, though, I get anxious. OK, I get a little mad, but mostly anxious. WHEN will he/she/they go to sleep ALREADY!?!? What can I do to make it happen? What is WRONG? Those are all the anxious thoughts that run through my head and cause my blood pressure to rise. Funny that it's a different trigger for me than for M. I wonder if that is true for most couples - in a way, it's a good thing because having two different "crazy" triggers ensures that one of you can keep your cool at any given time. Stacey mentioned that it drives her crazy when her daughter won't eat. What do your kids do that causes you to have an almost physical reaction? What gets you going every time? And do you get angry, or stressed out?

2) Finn apparently got a time out for hitting one of his "friends" at school yesterday. Of course in daycare, everyone is a "friend" even when he or she is actually a pushy whiner. As this kid seems to be. We did the whole "Oh, Finn, we DON'T hit, EVER. Mommy and Daddy are SO disappointed in your" bit, but a small part of us was cheering internally.

3) In other "Finn Behavioral Issues" news, Finn had an accident tonight. Not 15 minutes after I asked him if he needed to go potty, he let loose while sitting on his kid-sized armchair while watching "Wonder Pets" (terrible show, by the way. Just terrible). Totally soaked his chair, pants, socks, and even his shirt. All while sitting about 25 feet away from the bathroom. SO frustrating and annoying and maddening and lots of other harrumphing adjectives. This gal was pissed off, no pun intended. We've been having battles with Finn lately about going to the bathroom. He is potty trained, but hates using the bathroom. He will stall as long as possible. Some mornings he won't use the toilet until 2 or more hours after he wakes up. Usually no accidents are involved, but we are getting tired of the battle. Today was the last straw. From now on, the television is not going to be turned on until Finn has used the bathroom. Nicely and without arguing. We'll see how it goes...

4) I was approached by a colleague at work to run a leg of the Baltimore Marathon relay next October. I have lately been trying to get back in to dieting and exercising, but with only marginal success on the exercising front. Dieting-wise, I am now keeping track of all the calories in the food I am eating each day, and it is helping. But I definitely need more motivation for the working out portion of my goals. So I agreed to participate, figuring that having a race to work toward would be helpful. But so far I've only managed to run a little over a mile at a time, and when I say "run," I really mean "jog at just over a walk." I have a lot of work to go. The leg of the relay will likely only be a few miles long (4 people split up the 26.2 mile distance), but that's a few miles longer than I'm used to running. Here's hoping I can make some major physical fitness strides over the next 9 months!!

I'm sure I could find some more topics to add to this mish-mash, but I want to drink my wine instead. So I bid you goodnight.

Oh, wait, I thought of the other topic I was going to mention last night but completely forgot about.

5) Babbling. Lucy is doing it quite a bit now. Terribly cute, etc etc. But why is it that when she is happy, she babbles "Da da da da," and when she is crying, she seems to be saying "Ma ma ma ma?" Yes, yes, I know she isn't saying our names, and that dada is easier to say than mama, but come on. It's like she's already preparing for the years of crap she will give me as a teenager. As her mom, I am CERTAIN that I will receive the brunt of her rage and angst. That, after all, is what this ungrateful blogger did to her own mother. So sorry, Mom!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas! Pictures! Finally!

The new laptop is up and running, with only minor snafus during the set up process. Here's hoping I can keep this thing virus/worm/malware free... so much more to worry about with a PC than a Mac!

So, photos. These are from our new camera, a Canon Powershot. The photos start with our own family Christmas, held the Sunday before Christmas and just after A Major Snowstorm (for this area, at least). They then segway into our Wisconsin trip, and then finally a couple from the new year (pre-tummy bug, but just barely) back at home once again.

Surveying the damage after ripping open all his presents in 5 minutes flat, and already asking for more.

A view of our deck and the snow piled on top of our grill, Sunday, December 20th.

Finn and Lucy's big gift from Santa - a play kitchen!

At the airport, only midway through a VERY long day. Spirits still mainly high.

In her Christmas Eve finery.

A loving hug (tackle?).

Sledding on a snowy day.

Finn, cousin Bo and Lucy, all having too much fun to mind the cold.

Lucy and Grandpa, goofing around.

Lucy and Granny

The boys, eating (or pretending to eat, in Finn's case) Christmas Eve dinner.

Post present-opening, amid much toy-playing.

Christmas Day

Relaxing with Grandma Cookie after Christmas dinner.

Lucy and Aunt Jen

Another picture of the three boy cousins. Lucy will be keeping up in no time, I'm sure.

On our way home, Finn meets the larger-than-life Bucky at the Madison airport.

A true Cheesehead.

A brother-sister pose with Bucky's foot.

Back at home, Lucy rings in the new year by getting her first taste of pancake.

Modeling a new outfit.

Me, without makeup, shower, or contacts. But at least I have my coffee!

Everyone's least favorite side effect of the cold weather - staticky hair!!

Now that these photos are posted, all I have to do is take down the Christmas lights and throw away the Halloween pumpkins (blush) to finally put the holidays behind us!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Maybe he did eat a bug

First it was Lucy, then M., and then Finn. All felled by The Stomach Bug of 2010. Thus far, I am the last one standing. Am hopeful that, having made it this long, I am somehow, mysteriously, impervious to The Bug.

Finn woke up at 5:00 am yesterday, complaining matter-of-factly about a tummy ache. I wasn't sure whether to believe him, as there was no whining or moaning. How is it that the child can throw a tantrum if you walk down the stairs ahead of him, but is unphased by a stomach ache? And, when the vomiting started, merely fascinated by his own puke? "Is that a bug?" "I ate that?"

He carried around a waste basket for a few hours, which he contemplated naming "Bucky," but instead opted to just call "Bucket." After a few hours, he was fine and complaining of hunger.

M., recovered enough from his own deathly-illness, stayed home to take care of Finn. I dropped Lucy off at daycare and drove cautiously to work, praying my stomach would hold out for the day. Despite the occasional queasy episode, it did. I even tempted fate by going to the dentist last night, though I thought for sure, if I was ever going to embarrassingly puke in public, it would be with someone elbow deep in my mouth. Nary an urge, though.

I am home with Finn today, as surely he is still shedding virus, and he has only just hit the "24-hours vomit-free" milestone stipulated by daycare. Since there is little to do in the way of mopping his fevered brow and comforting him, today will be more of a "trying to keep my sanity with an energetic 3-year-old who has been cooped up inside for 36 hours" than a sick day.

New computer arrived a couple days ago, though we've been too exhausted and germy to charge it up and explore it. We ended up buying a Sony Vaio, though we really wanted a Macbook Pro. Too expensive, though - crazy expensive. And so ends the last vestiges of our Mac loyalty, I guess. Anywho, as soon as we can get it up and running, I will be posting pictures of the holidays.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year, Indeed

On Sunday night I was so sad at the prospect of a whole week of work. FIVE WHOLE DAYS at the office, you've got to be kidding me!

Now I rue those thoughts, and would give anything to be at work right now. Instead, I have been at home for the last two days with a sick Lucy, who has since been joined by a now-sick M. The sickness? A stomach bug. The worst of all sicknesses, because as you care for the sick person and try to feel maternal, you can't help feeling resentment and terror that the sickness will descend onto you. Heaving into a toilet bowl is no one's idea of a good time, am I right?

I am normally not a "germ" person - they don't bug me too much. I let my kids eat food off the floor (unless said floor is close to the cat's litter box). We wash hands, but not obsessively. I usually don't wipe off the handle of the shopping cart before I troll the aisles of the grocery store.

When a stomach bug is a possibility, though, I become as OCD about hygiene as possible. Which is not all that easy when you've been puked on 3 times in the last 36 hours.

So I type this post with hands aching and bleeding from too much hand washing, to wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope 2010 is fulfilling (and germ-free) for all of you.