Friday, February 5, 2010

Some Are Calling It The Snowpocalypse

So, it's snowing here in the mid-Atlantic. Maybe you've heard.

A couple of the local channels are pre-empting the typical scintillating Friday night programming for continuous Storm Coverage. In case any of my fellow Marylanders were worried, apparently the Ghost Whisperer WILL be aired, sometime around 12:37 am tonight. I know, right, BIG sigh of relief.

FOX is calling it "The Blizzard of 2010." The Weather Channel is calling it "The Winter Powerhouse." M. thinks that one sounds like a sandwich, by the way. CBS is going with a slightly more sly "Super Storm." Because of, you know, the "Super Bowl" being this weekend and all. I'm guessing the weather guy Topper (true name) had something to do with that cutesy play on words.

I'm calling it the "OMFG My Baby Has A Double Ear Infection Storm." Because she does. As we found out after getting increasinly panicky calls from daycare today that went something like this:

Call #1: Daycare (12:00): Um, it's snowing, so we're going to close at 3.
Me: OK, we'll be there around 3.

Call #2: Daycare (1:00): Um, Lucy has a fever of 100.5, and, you know, we're closing at 3, so...
Me: and...well, OK, we're coming soon... and, she's teething, and that's practically a resting temperature for a baby... but I GUESS I can call the doctor's office and see if they suggest seeing her, what with all the snow that is imminent and all. [Thinking: Fuck, fuck, this will be my third time to the pediatricians's office this week, probably another wasted copay. Fuck.]

Call #3: Daycare (2:00): Um, Lucy's fever is 101.5, and she's super fussy.
Me: [Thinkng: Fuck fuck fuck, called Dr.'s office and they are closed. FOREVER. Well, or at least until Monday. Due to the not-yet-here-but-imminent snow. Wimps. Fuck.] Okaaaay, coming to get Lucy now. Was planning to anyway, but will drive with more urgency and recklessness due to panic over need to find a doctor.

That was the end of the calls from daycare, but upon reaching Lucy, M. was informed that she had recently thrown up. And would only nap with someone holding her. And was terribly cranky. So, yes, clearly, this is not just teething. And the doctor's office was CLOSED. Panic.

Off to an urgent care center (love that those places exist) for M. and Lucy, where it took about 3 seconds to determine that Lucy had a double ear infection. And then another hour or so to fill her prescription. As Finn and I camped out at home, watching the snow fall harder and actually start to amount to something, and I worried they would never make it home.

But, it all ends well. Lucy and M. made it home, with antibiotics. A nap, some Motrin, and some dinner did Lucy a world of good, and she went to sleep happy. Finn and M. got a chance to romp around outside in the snow before it got dark, and made two snowmen (will upload pics tomorrow). We have power and heat (for now and hopefully for the future), lots of food, and lots of wine. We have nothing better to do than watch the 20-30 inches we're expected to get fall over the next day or so. Should be a fun blizzard. Or winter powerhouse. Or super storm. Whatever you want to call it.


  1. Aren't there some other characteristics a storm has to have to be categorized as a blizzard? Right now, I guess I would go with the cute Super Storm or THE HISTORIC the weather channel keeps repeating! Glad Lucy is good.

  2. Snowpocalypse is kind of hard to say. How about the "Aughtiest Storm of the Century"? I crack myself up. How did you post this without power?

  3. I like "Snowmagedon" or "SNO-M-G"
    I think Mommy, Esg is getting punch from too much work and not enough sleep

    Hope you guys are ok?