Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photographic Evidence

Way behind on my picture-sharing. Sorry, Mimi! I'll start first with some non-blizzard-related photos:

This goofball cracks herself up whenever she wears a hood or a hat.

We celebrated a birthday last month. Not this little girl's - don't worry, she's not growing up that fast!

Not this guy's, either, though he certainly enjoyed the cake.

Yep, M. was the Birthday Boy. Doesn't he look excited to be turning 34?

On to some photos documenting how we've been spending the last week and a half:

Before electricity was a thing of the past and cold misery had set in, M. and Finn braved the outdoors to construct these two delightful fellows. Warmth was restored with hot cocoa, and as a result I bring you...

The Hot Cocoa Unibrow!

Morning 1 without electricity. We are huddled up in the master bedroom, and I am attempting to get the wee ones to eat some sustenance, fairly unsuccessfully.

Hats were the theme of the day, though Finn kept taking his off. Here, the remaining laptop battery power was keeping him enthralled with a Tom and Jerry movie, so the hat stayed put.

A similarly behatted Lucy in good spirits

Desperate for some caffeine, M. brewed us some "cowboy coffee." It was an hour long process that only achieved success once he placed the percolator directly in the flames.

The result was a delightful if smoky brew, which did quite a lot to momentarily brighten my mood and warm my hands.

Boredom started making some of us do wacky things by late afternoon, and M. turned Finn into a...

Mummy! Except Finn kept insisting he looked like a doctor so... maybe not such a good mummy?

This photo is to give some indication of how much snow we got last weekend - it was taken after it stopped snowing on Saturday. We've since added another 10 inches or so on top of that, but it's been too windy and cold to go outside and take a new photo for proof.

I have no pictures taken during the rest of our time without power. Fingers were too stiff to operate the camera, and no one felt much like smiling. This is an "after" photo, showing you two kids very much relieved to be home and warm after our brief hotel stay.

And here is a shot from today, where we are all braving this latest storm with much better spirits because we are warm. And clean. And well-fed. The latter as evidenced by the Nutella grin Finn is sporting.

And finally, I give you two pictures I took of Lucy today, which have nothing to do with all this snow. But they have a lot to do with showing off how stinking cute she is!!:


  1. Wonderful photos. I can't believe how long Lucy's hair has gotten. You have really produced kids to with lots of hair!

  2. We've all been thinking of you all with the news and weather channel, hoping against hope that you don't lose power again. Such wonderful pictures!. . .I agree with Stacey--Lucy looks sooo grown up, and adorable. Love to you all. . .Mimi

  3. She is adorable! Her hair has gotten lighter and she looks like a little girl and not a baby.

  4. What great pictures! I actually love Lucy's hairstyle - the sideswept bangs are very fashionable. Love the hot cocoa unibrow shot. You made lots of great memories this snowstorm!

  5. I must say M is a brave man to have the party hat posted here for all to steal and post all over the internet. Shhhh! don't tell him I said that, maybe he won't know what I did!! HAHAHA

  6. Love the pics. Testing out my new google account!

  7. Awesome photos Allie. I can't believe how much snow you got. I laughed out loud at the photo of Finn wrapped up like a mummy. Mommy ESQ is correct, Lucy looks like a little woman in that photo.

    All three of your have produced pretty kids. I can only imagine how good looking mine will be...

    Jet Ski Grammy.. hahaha LOVE IT!