Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Picture Day is next Tuesday - the day where each kid at daycare gets to sit in front of a grumpy, underpaid photographer and either slap the largest, cheesiest, most painful looking smile/grimace on their face, or cry.

I, being the sucker that I am, usually buy these pictures. Mainly because I am too lazy to arrange for a time on my own to bring the kids to a professional photographer to document their growth. In my defense, if some are truly crappy, I don't buy ALL of them, just the semi-decent poses.

And for the last round, I bought NONE. Finn's were actually quite good, but Lucy was lying on a sheet-covered boppy pillow with her dress around her waist and as much as I love her, I had to acknowledge that it was one of the worst photos I have ever seen of her. They made no effort to have her sit (she could, a little, with assistance), or even to STRAIGHTEN HER DAMN DRESS. Seriously, it was all tights and an angry round face peeking over a few inches of bunched up dress. So of course I could buy neither set, since it can't look like I love Finn more than Lucy. I made myself feel better by promising that I would take them to a photo studio and get some nice 3 year/6 month old photos done just in time for Christmas. But see above re: too lazy, etc etc.

So, yes, Tuesday. New round of pictures, new opportunity to get some painful poses of my kids to hang in all their 8X10 glory on my walls (which, of course, I have never actually done but I swear I WILL. Geez, shut up). Lucy can at least sit up like a pro now, but I'm sure she will also try her darndest to scoot away as fast as possible. And also cry. Finn will present all and sundry with his cheesy picture smile, which looks like it hurts, and then move his head 2 seconds later, likely ruining each shot. Whatever, I'll probably buy them.

Of course I bought some new clothes. Because, hey, shopping opportunity! Any chance I can get to troll the aisles and Kohls and Target (big spender, right?), I take. I let Finn pick out his own shirt, and he surprised me by selecting a polo type shirt with BUTTONS, and a COLLAR. And also a train and a lobster, so that explains that. Lucy will be wearing an overall dress thingy. You know, overalls, but they end in a skirt instead of pants. And probably a simple long-sleeved onesie underneath. Along with tights.

Which brings me to a question, and my entire purpose for writing this post. I'm new to this "Mom of Girl" thing, and some things I've been kind of winging. Like cleaning during bath time and diaper changes. Yes, I know, front to back, front to back, I'm not stupid. But there are so many folds! How many really need to be cleaned and excavated? We muster along, and there have been no issues, so I think I'm doing OK on that front. I've been doing the same with tights, but thought I would actually stop to clarify my uncertainty before I am presented with the possibility of capturing the majority of Lucy's tights for all of posterity during this picture round (though I will leave EXPLICIT instructions with the teachers to do their best to give her a little modesty this time around).

The question is... Do tights go under the onesie, or on top of it?

I usually skirt the issue (ha, ha, no pun intended) by just putting her in a dress and a pair of pants. Like a hip, long shirt outfit. But occasionally we need to go the onesie route, usually with a jumper-style dress such as the one she will wear on Picture Day. In those instances, I put the tights on over the onesie, not under it. But it has occurred to me that this might not be the accepted practice. So please, enlighten me, fellow moms of girls. Or really anyone, as each of you likely have more of a clue about this than me. Except you, Men. Dad, M., Andrew, I'm talking to you. You're off the hook on this one. Is it over, or under?


  1. On top of the onsie. At least that is how I do it. Penny wears a dress maybe once a month. Seems like The Duchess is dressed that way and she wears a dress most days.

  2. Can't help. . .we never had onesies (and neither did you when you were babies). . .undershirts and diapers. . .so tights were over diapers. Who is the Duchess? love, Mimi

  3. Geez, I am a total mother of boys. I would have guessed under the onsie but I supposed that is illogical because what's the point of easy access with the snaps then if you have the tights in the way.

  4. Heh. I guess I'm a terrible mother of girls. We rarely put Cameron in tights or dresses but if we did I would totally go with under the onsesie, not over it.

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  6. I go under the onesie to keep those tights from being all saggy crotched.

  7. Wow, as a mom of two boys I had never considered this before! As you know the only boy questions are which combination of red, navy blue, and khaki will we wear today?

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