Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Numbers

To keep from yawning the rest of my way through anti-terrorist training at work, I am taking a quick blogging break to bring you... Lucy's 9-Month Stats! I know you were waiting with baited breath, right?

Weight: 20 lbs 5 oz (75%)
Height: 28 3/4 inches (85%)
Head: ??? (65%)

I can never remember those head measurements. Am I just confident in my children's mental capabilities? Or lack of head cysts? Head size is just not a thing on my worry radar.

So, the Goose is much lighter than I thought she'd be. Could be related to that bout with a tummy bug a few weeks ago, but she's back to chugging her bottles and crying for more so I thought she'd weigh more in the 22 lb range. Especially since she is (still) not moving around yet. No army crawling, no regular crawling, no pulling up, not even a decent butt scoot yet. She is pleasantly immobile, a mother's dream.

For comparison-sake, here are Finn's 9-month stats (from back in July 2007):
Weight: 19 lbs 4 oz (10-25%)
Height: 27 3/4 inches (25%)
Head: ????

Though a bit low on the scale, by his next appointment at one year, he chunked up a bit and ran numbers in the 50% for height and weight, which he maintains to this day. He was teeny-weeny for a long time, though, which Lucy has just never been, not from the day she made her grand entrance to the world. It's just yet another reminder how these two kids are like night and day.

M. took Lucy to the appointment, as I was out of town for work. He had the fun of sitting through her screams the entire visit (that girl HATES the doctor's office). The doctor prescribed us a goal of feeding Lucy more finger foods, including meat and vegetables. Knowing me, I will be taking it VERY easy on the meats (probably just let daycare handle that one). Regardless, I don't think it will be terribly challenging - Lucy has only been at the finger foods a couple of weeks, but she is getting good at feeding herself and LOVES everything we've given her so far (banana, avocado, ravioli, pear, bread, cheerios, other things in the carb-lover family...).

Which leads me to: Sigh - where's my BAY-BEEE?? She's growing UP! Too fast. A little less of that, eh? Please?


  1. Yay Lucy! Are you still vegetarian? I noted the whole meat topic - are you doing vegetarian for the kids or less meat?

  2. I've been eating fish/seafood for a little while, but am otherwise meat-free still. We eat mostly vegetarian at home, though I do occasionally give Finn organic hot dogs (organic = attempt to make myself feel better about serving hot dogs). I let him (and now Lucy) eat meat when they want to (Finn usually doesn't want to)/at daycare.