Friday, January 8, 2010

Maybe he did eat a bug

First it was Lucy, then M., and then Finn. All felled by The Stomach Bug of 2010. Thus far, I am the last one standing. Am hopeful that, having made it this long, I am somehow, mysteriously, impervious to The Bug.

Finn woke up at 5:00 am yesterday, complaining matter-of-factly about a tummy ache. I wasn't sure whether to believe him, as there was no whining or moaning. How is it that the child can throw a tantrum if you walk down the stairs ahead of him, but is unphased by a stomach ache? And, when the vomiting started, merely fascinated by his own puke? "Is that a bug?" "I ate that?"

He carried around a waste basket for a few hours, which he contemplated naming "Bucky," but instead opted to just call "Bucket." After a few hours, he was fine and complaining of hunger.

M., recovered enough from his own deathly-illness, stayed home to take care of Finn. I dropped Lucy off at daycare and drove cautiously to work, praying my stomach would hold out for the day. Despite the occasional queasy episode, it did. I even tempted fate by going to the dentist last night, though I thought for sure, if I was ever going to embarrassingly puke in public, it would be with someone elbow deep in my mouth. Nary an urge, though.

I am home with Finn today, as surely he is still shedding virus, and he has only just hit the "24-hours vomit-free" milestone stipulated by daycare. Since there is little to do in the way of mopping his fevered brow and comforting him, today will be more of a "trying to keep my sanity with an energetic 3-year-old who has been cooped up inside for 36 hours" than a sick day.

New computer arrived a couple days ago, though we've been too exhausted and germy to charge it up and explore it. We ended up buying a Sony Vaio, though we really wanted a Macbook Pro. Too expensive, though - crazy expensive. And so ends the last vestiges of our Mac loyalty, I guess. Anywho, as soon as we can get it up and running, I will be posting pictures of the holidays.


  1. And just before the weekend which means you have two more days before he goes back to school :-) What a nice way to start January! Glad to hear that you didn't catch the bug and that everyone else is on the mend.

  2. We too have been hit by The Bug of 2010. January seems to be a snotty month all around.

  3. Oh no! Just catching up and am sorry to hear about the bug that has invaded your house. I love your account of it, though. Good to find humor amongst all the vomit ;)