Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas! Pictures! Finally!

The new laptop is up and running, with only minor snafus during the set up process. Here's hoping I can keep this thing virus/worm/malware free... so much more to worry about with a PC than a Mac!

So, photos. These are from our new camera, a Canon Powershot. The photos start with our own family Christmas, held the Sunday before Christmas and just after A Major Snowstorm (for this area, at least). They then segway into our Wisconsin trip, and then finally a couple from the new year (pre-tummy bug, but just barely) back at home once again.

Surveying the damage after ripping open all his presents in 5 minutes flat, and already asking for more.

A view of our deck and the snow piled on top of our grill, Sunday, December 20th.

Finn and Lucy's big gift from Santa - a play kitchen!

At the airport, only midway through a VERY long day. Spirits still mainly high.

In her Christmas Eve finery.

A loving hug (tackle?).

Sledding on a snowy day.

Finn, cousin Bo and Lucy, all having too much fun to mind the cold.

Lucy and Grandpa, goofing around.

Lucy and Granny

The boys, eating (or pretending to eat, in Finn's case) Christmas Eve dinner.

Post present-opening, amid much toy-playing.

Christmas Day

Relaxing with Grandma Cookie after Christmas dinner.

Lucy and Aunt Jen

Another picture of the three boy cousins. Lucy will be keeping up in no time, I'm sure.

On our way home, Finn meets the larger-than-life Bucky at the Madison airport.

A true Cheesehead.

A brother-sister pose with Bucky's foot.

Back at home, Lucy rings in the new year by getting her first taste of pancake.

Modeling a new outfit.

Me, without makeup, shower, or contacts. But at least I have my coffee!

Everyone's least favorite side effect of the cold weather - staticky hair!!

Now that these photos are posted, all I have to do is take down the Christmas lights and throw away the Halloween pumpkins (blush) to finally put the holidays behind us!


  1. Tell Finn I'm sorry- but that header picture of Lucy in the pink in the snow is too cute:)

  2. Wonderful photos. . .thank you, we missed you and all the family, but these pictures make up for most of it! . . .love, Mimi

  3. Lucy looks a lot like Cameron in your new header picture, don't you think? The photos looks great. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great photos. Penny looks like a disaster these days with her staticky hair. I actually think that Lucy looks like you (don't see the Cameron resemblance).

  5. I think the picture in your header makes Lucy look a LOT like Finn - and the static thing is running wild here. Great pics!

  6. If you think that you are not coming to Andover for Xmas next year...just remember the will!! And your father read this first and agrees!!!