Friday, May 8, 2009

Stinky in Pink

Lucy had her two-week check up today, which seems crazy to me. Wasn't I JUST in the hospital? Time is really flying, and it's hard to believe that M. has only one more week at home until he goes back to work. Now that Lucy's jaundice is gone and we've worked out a nice, sanity-saving feeding solution, the days have been pretty relaxing. M. and I have actually had time to do chores. I've showered just about every day. We've taken a walk every day that's had a pause in the rainfall. It's all so foreign to me, as when I was on maternity leave with Finn the only thing I did was sit in the same armchair all day long, either feeding him or holding him while he slept (he woke up any time I tried to put him down), leaving only for doctor's appointments. I like this way better :-).

Lucy's appointment went really well. She's already grown half an inch, and she's up over her birth weight at 8 pounds, 8 ounces. Of course, we think that number may be a bit artificially inflated, as Lucy hasn't pooped in three days, and all that poop has got to be contributing to at least a few ounces. That diaper is going to be toxic when she finally lets go - I hope M. is on duty for that one!**

The pooping is really our only concern, and she seems healthy in every other way. I think it's just related to the formula she is getting (that, and the fact that she's pretty new to this whole pooping thing and is still figuring out how to do it). We've switched her to a different brand of formula, and we are hoping it helps. If not, we'll have to experiment with a few more types. In the meantime, Lucy is a tooting champ. It's hard to believe such large, awful noises and smells can originate from such a cute little thing.

Below are some photos that clearly show off Lucy's cuteness, and a little of what we have been up to over the past week. Can you tell that I am loving dressing her in pink? All those green/yellow/white clothes that I prepped while waiting for her arrival are at the bottom of her drawers, and I have a feeling they are going to stay there ;-).

Rocking the look I loved with Finn, a simple long-sleeved onesie and pants

Sporting the faux layered look in a hand-me-down from cousin Penny

Jeans! On an 11-day-old! Who does that? But it's just so cute...

Dressed up in pink and brown for her first Skype session with Granny and Grandpa

Indignant during tub bath #2 (Mom, I swear the water was warm enough, she actually only cried right at the end)

Trapped inside during one of the many recent downpours, but happy to be watching Madagascar (obsession with Cars is waning, FINALLY!)

An outing with our SUV of strollers, the Baby Jogger City Mini Double. Do you think people will see us coming?

Self-portrait with Daddy

**Yeah, not so lucky on that one. The poop has arrived, and I was on duty. Let's just say it was roughly a 10-wipe job...


  1. Heee - I love telling Husband, it's a 6 wiper or something like that. I think she looks a lot like Finn as a newborn in the first photo (but not the others).

  2. She is soooo adorable! When do I get my first Skype session with her? We can introduce her to Cameron...

  3. I have to say I love the picture with you and Lucy. Just beautiful. The last one with Finn and Mark is great as well. By the way, has Finn stayed at home a lot or off to daycare?

  4. one has to wonder if stinky in pink is still stinky since there hasn't been an update in like forever and momma has actually had time to read her WORK email!!!!!!!