Monday, May 18, 2009


Today is M.'s first day back at work. While he was home during the last three weeks, I handled much of the Lucy care myself while M. knocked off a list of chores around the house. He was always willing to help out with a feeding or a nap time if I needed him to during the day, though, and he provided much needed company and conversation, and a pair of arms to wrangle one of the children during the early evening, pre-bed hours. He help make things as smooth as possible for me. Now we shift to a more hectic schedule, I fear, one where I try to find some kind of routine for Lucy and me during the day so I keep my sanity, then pick up Finn at around 5 and try to juggle 2 kids and dinner prep until M. makes it home at around 6:30. Then it will be a scramble to eat dinner, clean up, keep Lucy fed and happy, and corral Finn into bed by 8 pm.

Thus, I am taking the easy way out to conserve some energy and will just post some photos from the last week or so, rather than writing anything substantive. Enjoy!

Finn goofing around with his new dump truck, a flea market find

We had one of our first really hot days of the summer, allowing me to dress Lucy in an adorable sundress from Grammy

Close up of the hair "wings" Lucy tends to develop from sleeping/eating on the Boppy. To M. and I, it's a bit reminiscent of this:

A hint of a smile

Finn with his new toy, bought on a whim just because if you have a dump truck, you should have a sandbox, too, right??

Dozing on Daddy

Big brother shows Lucy how to get through tummy time


  1. It is so nice to see little Lucy all dolled up! But I have to say Finn with the sandbox is one of my favorites (have you had the pleasure of cleaning the sand out of EVERYWHERE yet - lots of fun let me tell you).

  2. I love the tummy time picture! I wonder if I can get Charlie to influence Cameron :-)

  3. Cutie photos!! That dress is adorable!

  4. I totally see you in her - and Finn when he was a newborn. You should post a comparison of him at her age (or weight).