Wednesday, May 6, 2009

And The Winner Is...

A little belated, I admit, but the results of our online baby guessing game have been tallied (for several days now). has a scoring system and a formula to determine the winner automatically (good thing, as it's too much for my brain to handle right now). And the winner is:

Wendy and Jon!!

Their guess:
Gender - girl
Birthdate/time - April 26th, 5:10 pm (off by only 21 hours)
Weight - 7 lbs, 12 oz (off by 9 oz)
Length - 20 inches (off by only 1/2 in)

Wendy and Jon are good friends of ours from graduate school, and they are expecting a surprise bundle of joy of their own any day now. We definitely wish them (and their adorable 2-year-old Matt), lots of luck in the next few weeks!

They smoked the competition with a score of 161 - the next nearest score was 286 (lower is better). Anyone who got the gender wrong was automatically out of the running, as that earns a penalty of 400 points.

Honorable mention goes to Benjamin, the 3-year-old son of Outnumbered Gal. With a score of 500 points, he would have been the clear winner if only he had guessed girl instead of boy. He guessed the weight and length exactly right, and was off on the birth date by only 18 hours. Not too shabby for a 3-year-old!


  1. I still think that my son should have won since he nearly got everything else right. Big deal about the chromosomes - DNA was never a big deal in my family ;o)

  2. Hee, hee, you do have a point there!