Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Travelin' (Day I Can't Remember)

The theme this week at daycare is "On Vacation," and tomorrow all the kids are going to bring in suitcases and whatnot, and pretend to go to Jamaica. Lucy's class made passports, and the kids were told to pack their own bags - no help from parents allowed.

You should see the stuff they have in these bags. Guaranteed there are no socks, and they both almost forgot underwear. But Finn has a ghost stuffed animal and Lucy grabbed quite a bit of jewelry, so all set, right?

I think I'll probably do the packing when we leave for Maine at the end of the month.

The sad thing is that Lucy is convinced they actually ARE going to Jamaica.  She's already managed to melt down on us when we've tried to correct her, so we've resorted to nodding and agreeing when she tells us about the plane she's going to ride on tomorrow. We'll let her teachers take the hit on that one.

Speaking of going on planes and vacationing (a bit), I spent the past Saturday, Sunday, and Monday up in Massachusetts with my family. I flew up for my grandfather's memorial service, and the timing was such that it also allowed me to join in on a casual bachelorette party for my friend Helen, who's getting married in a couple of weeks. Even though I was up for a sad purpose, I absolutely loved seeing so much family and hanging out with friends I don't get to see enough.

Here are some photos from the bachelorette part of the weekend. My sister Stacey stole my thunder by posting a lot of these on Facebook already, but I'll take photographer's liberty by posting them again:

The bride in her mandatory accessories

We decked out the Mom-mobile we drove

From left: Amy, Natalie, Helen, Kristin, Stacey, me
First stop was Chauncey's Creek in Kittery Point, ME, for waterside lobstahs and BYOW (bring your own wine)








Wearing a bib and playing with her food... :-)




The second stop was a scenic overlook for some more pictures:








They "made" my sisters and me pose like Wilson Phillips on these rocks
The third stop was at the New Hampshire state liquor store (not pictured, but awesome), then it was on to ice cream at Benson's:


 Finally, we headed back to my parent's house for some presents, pizza, games, and movies (Pitch Perfect, which I still love, second time around).

I'm super excited to come back up in just a week and a half - this time, M. and I will be driving with the kids all the way up to my parents' place in Maine, and then we'll head down to Massachusetts by ourselves one night for Helen's wedding. Can't wait!


  1. I had to look at the first picture of Stacey twice; with her tiara and sash (and the car in the foreground), I thought she was on a parade float! ;-) Congrats to her!