Friday, July 12, 2013

Fearless (Day 4)

I must say, I could get used to this furlough thing.  Picture this day, if you will: I woke up at close to my usual time, but with an extra tap of the snooze button. AND - I didn't really have to get dressed. Woot! I threw on some deodorant and workout clothes, and headed downstairs. M. left for work early (before 7!!), and I had a peaceful 20 minutes of reading and drinking coffee before Finn woke up. He skipped downstairs and asked me to read to him, which I happily agreed to - though the reading material was a "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" book, and I must say that I'm not too impressed (so much greediness! Negative thoughts about people! Don't like). After 15 minutes of reading that doubled as snuggling, we went upstairs to rouse the beast (Lucy).

The morning was fun, because we weren't rushing rushing rushing. I got the kids to daycare at a leisurely 8:45. Rain scrapped my running plans, but I found a yoga video on Netflix instead. Lunch and shopping with a friend (yes, I spent too much money on my furlough day), picked up a couple of things at Target (WAY over my limit on Target trips for the month - oops!), and then I got the kids a bit earlier than usual. It was gray out, so I gave them a choice - pool time, or movie night. They opted for pool time, so we ignored the ominous skies, packed up a slacker dinner (lunchables, which I view as a FAIL, but the kids absolutely love), and headed over. Finn wowed us with his prowess on the diving board - this kid is seriously fearless. Behold:

The launch

The turn

The fracking flip. My 6-year-old does flips off the diving board.

He runs

And flings himself wildly. He loves it.
Maybe he'll try diving, too:

Gets in position...

Launches himself...

And belly flops
Maybe this time?

How about this time?

Nope again.

He is never disheartened, and always enjoys the ride. He pops up from the water, usually smiling, and always already swimming. Like a puppy. So, so cute.

And this one. Goodness. Thinks she can swim. But oh, how she cannot. It takes an eagle eye with her. Don't you just love her blue and white striped bathing suit, though? It was an impulse buy from (where else?) Target. I wanted to get a shot of her running in to the water, as she loves to do repeatedly. But it was cold, and I was too busy trying to keep her from drowning. So a couple of landlubber photos that I was able to snap once M. showed up (he came home early! Because he left for work early! I love this!) will have to do:

Prancing toward the deep end. Even though (because?) I told her not to. Had to ditch the camera and wrestle her into her swimmie right after this was taken.

Probably drowning.

Love the little red rose! Want one for my suit!

Not so warm once we're out of the water - lots of shivers all around tonight.

Not sure if I'll make it on here the next few nights - headed up to Massachusetts EARLY tomorrow morning (I should be packing as we speak), and won't be back until Monday night. But maybe...

Hope you all have wonderful weekends, whether they started last night or tonight!

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  1. Love the pool pics! LOLed at the "drowning" pic-- my 5 y/o is the same way.

    We had a furlough a couple years ago, but all instructional staff just got the pay cut-- no reduced hours (because we don't keep regular hours, which is a perk, but still, the furlough was sucky). We just lost 2% of our salary ALL THE TIME.