Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 1

I'm easing back in - to blogging, to running, to doing things other than scouring the Internet for the latest and greatest funny blog post to read or backsplash tile to ogle. I feel like I've been taking the passive, easy way out of EVERYTHING lately, and I'd like to stop. Or start, rather. So, onward. Seizing life, etc.

I jogged tonight. I felt like I was moving big lead rods through thick, goopy concrete. It was HARD, is what I'm saying. It's like I'm back at negative 20, not just zero. I also did three sets of eight "cheater" push-ups (where I lean against my stairs, removing about 60% of my body weight from my arms). It's a start.

In other news, we finished watching the new season of Arrested Development last night. Two episodes in, I was wondering if there was just no way for the show to live up to everyone's expectations. I was feeling very "meh" about it.  But I must say, it got better and better with each episode. Two thumbs up from me - did you like it? I think the dark quirky humor is right up my alley these days. I heart Gob forever.

Am I the only one who seems to be struggling a bit to get into the carefree summer spirit? Blah.


  1. Curious about your austerity program. My husband and I are starting the same starting with the cutting of the cable. We have an antenna for over the air shows and subscribe to Netflix for movies and past season tv shows. Are you still subscribing to Huluplus? What exactly do you find they can provide? It seems any tv show I check they have not yet acquired the rights to broadcast. Interested in your experience.
    Thanks, Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa! We actually use Hulu quite a bit - I'd say that it's the go-to interface for us about 65% of the time. However, we have trouble accessing live broadcasting on our family room t.v., so we can't watch the big networks when they air shows live. At some point I should do a detailed breakdown of what we watch and how we watch it. But for the most part, Hulu is great for watching current seasons of shows. Things like Modern Family, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, The Daily Show, New Girl, etc. There is a one-day delay. I'm not sure how much of what we watch is available on the regular, free Hulu, vs Hulu plus, though. I should do that analysis! It's only $8 a month, and we are saving so much without cable, that to us it has been totally worth it so far. But I AM interested in figuring out if we could do without!

      And it's not perfect. Hulu does have a couple of shows that they only have the rights to stream over the computer, annoyingly (Happy Endings is one of those). And they have no deals with CBS, which is a bummer. I think A&E is out, too (so no Duck Dynasty, though you can stream that straight from A&E's website). We've had to give up watching the current seasons of a few shows that don't stream from their own websites, like Cougartown (probably not a big loss), Psych, and Royal Pains. But I think we can watch old seasons of them, so hopefully we can catch up in the fall.

      Anyway, this reply IS practically a post! Can you tell we are pretty passionate about our TV? (blushing)