Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Bright Side

Yesterday we were sporting tank tops and blasting the air conditioner; today, we were wearing long sleeves and vests and fun scarves. Fall in the mid-Atlantic is a schizophrenic as ever, in a nice, comforting, expected way.

A few photos from a brief playground outing we snuck in between errands today, to remind our families what the kids look like :-):

Moments of the weekend I'd like to savor:

- Finn sneaking up to our bedroom both mornings and, upon seeing we were still asleep, creeping back down to his room quietly. A miracle.

- Sleeping until 8 a.m. today!

- Lucy waking up around 8:30 this morning to use the bathroom, and then heading back to bed for "just a little bit more." She popped out for good about 60 seconds later.

- Drinking coffee out on the deck with M., bundled up in slippers and a sweatshirt.

- Using my brand new immersion blender (an early anniversary gift that wasn't meant to be early, but I accidentally opened the shipping box - oops!) to make smoothies.

- Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkins doughnuts. All in the same day!

- Letting Lucy talk me into buying a garishly purple and oh-so-wonderful bouquet of carnations at the grocery store.

- Some excellent good night squeezes from Lucy.

- Several declarations that I'm "the best mom ever!" from Finn - I may not remember exactly WHY I earned that title, but I plan to remember he said it!

Final note: Remind me to write a post about how we just bought the kids a book of Bible stories. I have thoughts and questions and a need for advice.

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