Monday, October 4, 2010

Different guilt, same distraction

I should be jogging/running tonight, not sitting on my rear end, drinking an Octoberfest beer (M.'s family may be interested to know it's a Leinenkugel's) catching up on Facebook and blogs. In my defense, it's cooooooold. Sure, 46 degrees won't feel cold in February, but it feels damn cold now. And it's daaaaaaaaaark. And the treadmill is broken, so there's that.

But I am running out of time, folks. The race I have been training for is less than two weeks away, and I'm maybe a leetle bit panicky about it. I should really, really be running right now.

It's a marathon relay, as I may have mentioned before. 26.2 miles, split up between 4 people. I'm running leg 2 (I think), a 7 mile distance. Not so bad, when you compare it to 26.2 miles. But I started out barely able to run a mile this past January, so it seems like a lot to me. I've worked myself up to regular runs (I aim for 3 times a week but don't always make that goal) that are between 3.5 and 4.5 miles long, and I've done a couple of "long" runs that are around 5.5 miles. I was hoping to be a little more comfortable in the 5.5 to 6 mile range before this race came around, just to have a little more confidence that 7 miles won't kill me. No doubt I will have major butterflies the morning of the race. Not just the distance (though mostly that) or the idea that my 12-minute mile pace will look like molasses in January compared to just about everyone else. Also the logistics (packet pick-up! parking! road closures! catching the bus to the relay point on time! figuring out how M. and the kids can cheer me on without leaving the house as the crack of dawn, but also so that I don't have to drive myself home on exhausted legs!). Except the carb loading. I think I have that covered.

So, to distract myself from my guilt, I give you... more cute photos of my kids!! These are from our adventures this past weekend, which included the family's first apple-picking outing.

Pumpkin painting


Someone is SUPER excited about his brand new Halloween costume, and may have even insisted on playing outside and going to the grocery store in it...

Look, a spider!

Ew! (she's actually saying "ew" here, if you can catch the slight nose wrinkle - a girl after her mother's heart...)


Professional apple-picker

Professional observer (I had visions of Lucy scurrying around eating all the rotten apples on the ground, so we did not let her participate much in this part of the outing. She is not controllable/directable in the slightest bit yet.)

Look, apples!

Overly large piles of hay

Overly large tractor tires

Too much fun (as if there is such thing)

Creepy impaled witch (who now has the dubious honor of serving as masthead photo for the fall season)

Goats in the air!

Watching the goats on the ground (and picking up a few germs to boost the ol' immune system)

Feeding the goats in the air

Little piggies!

My attempt to get a picture of the kids (clear failure, as with all other previous attempts). Perhaps Finn is just smelling nature?

Back on the road tomorrow for some more running!

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