Thursday, October 14, 2010

Babies and Dancing

This week was the first week I felt that pang - the one that I think I'll occasionally feel when someone announces a new pregnancy, or introduces a brand new family member. It was the first time I really thought "Am I sure I'm done having babies?"

I am sure, of course (I think) (definitely). I love babies. I love my babies. But I don't feel like there's a baby missing from this family. Lucy doesn't feel like a middle child to me. And if I'm really honest, I think some of those pangs are born of selfishness. Of me thinking that if I did it again, brought home a newborn that turns into infant that turns into a toddler that becomes an infuriating/lovable pre-schooler and so on... (not sure, still look ahead to/dreading whatever comes after preschool), I would do it better. I would handle it better. I would be more patient, less emotional, happier, better able to live in each moment. Less regretful when things don't go as planned (do they ever, with a baby?).

A new baby would be like a competition, a chance for a do-over.

That is not a reason to have a baby. So those pangs - I know they'll show up, every now and then. But they will be set aside.

And really, aren't these two enough for anyone? This family of four, we make a pretty good dance party.

The Awesome Robot

Perhaps a Hint of Classical Training?

A Father-Son Dance


  1. Those videos are fantastic! Finn is gonna be the only one at the dance doing the robot, I bet!

  2. What fun. . .makes me feel as if I'm right there. . .so very cute!Mimi

  3. Ha! Awesome videos. Mark is a good sport :-)