Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beach rundown, in photos

Well, our much anticipated beach vacation/family reunion in Nags Head, NC has come and gone. I had high hopes of blogging a bit during the trip, but a non-functioning internet connection and Lucy's complete and utter regression to newborn sleeping habits wreaked havoc with that plan.

Here's what I would have written every day: It was hot. The ocean water was cold. The beach was beautiful. The kids were noisy and exhausting. 6 kids under 4 in 1 house = very little down time for the parents. It was wonderful seeing my family, and we had many fun times on the beach and poolside, but M. and I are desperately in need of another vacation, one without kids...

We got back yesterday, and we've all been having an adjustment period. Lucy screamed like a banshee last night before bed, dashing our hopes that the familiarity of her own room would get her back to her normal sleep habits. A week straight of no naps is catching up with Finn, and his every sentence is accompanied by a side of whine. As for M. and I - well, we will be trying to recover from our collective sleep deficit for quite some time.

I have more details I'd like to share, but don't really know where to start. Instead, I will put up some pictures, and do my best to label them.

The view from the top floor living room in the house where we stayed (and MommyEsq nursing Josie).

M. and both kids by the water front. The humidity was so high that the camera lens is fogged up here. Surprisingly, both of our kids had very little fear of the ocean water.

My niece Cameron, daughter of my sister Stacey, getting sandy.

M. and Finn, digging a hole to China.

Lucy doing a little construction work in the sand.

Finn in the midst of a water gun fight...

With his Uncle Andrew.

My mom and my niece Penny.

A post-snack Lucy.

Craft time for all the little ones with my cousin Abby.

Lucy modeling her new sundress and pulling a Linus with her blankies.

Ned taking a book break.

Josie wrapped up like a little baby burrito.

My dad enjoying some precious down time.

My brother really wanted a picture with all his nieces and nephews.

Unfortunately, only Finn and the non-mobile Josie were willing participants.

Baby Josie - so good, we all hardly realized she was there.

My Uncle Chip, hurling water balloons at some of my cousins down below. Also a view of one of the lizard murals that I suppose gives our rental house it's name: The Lazy Lizard.

The kids all had a little corner of the upper level, in a hallway, that was often a little gathering place for them. It was also often used as a pooping corner.

A typical meal time at la Casa Lazy Lizard.

My cousin Abby gave Finn and Ned some face paint. Finn was a super hero/butterfly here.

Finn enjoying one of our last days at the beach.

And then jumping right into the pool to wash all the sand off. Couldn't ask for a better set up!

Doesn't it look like he's relaxed here? :-)

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  1. What great photos and what a great family reunion. How fun! Here's hoping everyone gets some well-deserved sleep :)