Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stats and Pants

Quick update here (wha... ? EIGHT posts in one month? Crazy, I know) as Lucy had her 1-year check up today. Meaning 3 shots, two of them live viruses, so she's a bit cranky. Too bad for you, daycare! Ha, ha, I jest. But she is there now, so do I really?

Anywho, the vital stats:

Height: 30 inches (75%)
Weight: 22 lbs, 13 oz (75%)
Head: 17 3/4 inches (70%) - actually managed to remember the head measurement this time!

Perfectly, proportionally, big and healthy! Wonder what her weight would have been had she not spent a week throwing up recently, though.

No concerns from the doc, Lucy is doing great in every way. We did discuss the vomiting/potential milk issues, and the doctor recommended we try introducing some milk again to Lucy's bottles now that she's been recovered for a week and a half. No specialists at this point, we'll just see how she does. The doctor was not that concerned and thought Lucy would probably do fine. We'll soon see, I guess! Operation Milk will begin again tonight, so that we can monitor how she does over the weekend. There will be no going crazy with milk and macaroni and cheese and ice cream all at once, we will just start with an ounce or so of milk in her bottle. Fingers crossed that the puking was a temporary, ill-timed fluke and it does not reappear!

In other news... well, I don't really have other news. Oh, wait, except this headline: "Three-year-old comes home from school with yet another pair of ripped pants." Dude, seriously, Finn has ripped the right knee of at least 6 pairs of pants in the last few weeks. Always the right knee, never the left. The kid may fall a lot, but at least he does it consistently.

He is actually quite coordinated, he just likes to fall on purpose (OK, sometimes by accident, too, but usually on purpose). And the fabric-ripping culprit is the mulch on the ground in the playground at school. Now that the weather is nicer, Finn and his classmates go outside at least twice a day, and run around like crazy people (who fall, a lot) on mulch. As a result, I now need to spend a fortune to replace Finn's jeans. Good thing shorts weather is fast approaching, and he can just re-grow new skin for free after each fall rather than making me buy new pants. Alternatively, any good non-sewing patchwork options out there? Maybe some patches with super heroes on them? I'm not crazy about the patched look, but I'm also not crazy about spending gobs of money on new pants every month so I'm willing to compromise.


  1. Alex ripped 6 pairs of jeans in a two week time period from purposefully sliding on his knees. Rather than replace them, I sent him to school with holes in the knees because then he wouldn't do it anymore.

    I tried patches outside, patches inside, blah blah blah, but what finally stopped it was no option to slide on his knees.

  2. Duct tape works really well. . .even goes thru the washing machine. Good Luck. . .its better than skin. Love, Mimi