Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Clearly he's not ready to babysit yet

Monday morning, as I scrambled to load all of our stuff into the car before packing the kids into their carseats and taking off, I noticed Finn and Lucy's playtime together had taken on a somewhat, ahem, dangerous tone. Finn had two of the cat's toys, the kind that have a short pole, a long string, and some kind of dangly, cat-tempting toy on the end. He was wrapping them around Lucy's neck as she lay on the floor. Lucy was laughing.

Clearly it was time to have the "suffocation" talk.

Oy vey, what is with these kids, and their attempts to kill themselves and each other?

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  1. We've had to start explaining to the boys how they can kill each other by doing stuff. Alex is one of those kids who likes to wrap strings around fingers, arms, etc. Scary!