Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is He Four Yet?

Ugh. Just experienced The Worst Tantrum Ever. At least, the worst we've ever seen.

At one point I couldn't do anything but laugh because I was fairly certain Finn no longer remembered why he was screaming at me.

Three is a trying age.

Lucy, right next door, fell asleep and slept through it all. Is a total peach. Is it terrible that I have fleeting thoughts like "Can I trade Finn for five more of her"?

Am now fast-chilling a bottle of wine so M. and I can calm our frayed nerves. Unplanned and oh so deserved.


  1. Have been there. Have consumed alcohol because of it. Hope it's not terrible to think those thoughts as I have had them.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I'm still waiting for my DS1 to FALL ASLEEP!!! Ugh! 9:37 pm...tick tock

  3. Three IS a trying age! Gah! What happened to my cute little obedient two-year-old?

  4. I take it Finn is still resisting sleeping? Not something I'm looking forward too!