Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween Debrief

Lucy is napping and Finn is engrossed in an episode of Blue's Clues, so I shall steal a few moments to post pictures from Halloween weekend. I will caption a few, but to put things in perspective, my parents were visiting for the weekend. It was the first time my dad had met Lucy, and my mom hadn't seen her since she was about a week old. Grandparent bias aside, they were much impressed with her good nature and cuteness. In addition to trick-or-treating (which was rainy and thus brief), M. and my dad undertook the installation of a ceiling fan in our living room. Mom and I took the kids and did what we do best - went shopping.

I shall also mention before the pixel dumping that Lucy is doing much better. She is back to sleeping well, and as of this morning her digestive tract issuance is practically normal. Huzzah! We're still giving her the hydrolyzed formula and being cautious with her solid food diet, but we're getting there.

So, here you go, more pictures than anyone except my grandmother probably wants to see.

Lucy looks almost as big as Finn here!

Thursday the 29th was party day at daycare, so I managed to get Finn to wear a polo shirt (buttons, gasp!) because it was orange.

The costume Lucy was supposed to wear, a hand-me-down from her cousins that was also worn by her month-older cousin Cameron this year, was deemed too tight.


M. tries his hand at decorating the strange niche we have way up high in our living room.

The idea of my mom climbing up the 12 foot ladder was quickly vetoed by those of us with sanity.

Finished projects: the decorated niche (shopping for varied non-functional objects by yours truly and my mother) and the ceiling fan (blood, sweat and tears courtesy of M. and my dad).

This robot has stuck in Finn's memory since last Halloween, when he was too scared to approach for candy. This year, with M., me, Lucy and my dad there to bolster his confidence, he managed to score some candy from the robot's stash.


  1. You're absolutely right--your grandmother loves the pictures! Thank you for sharing and love to you all. . .Mimi

  2. You have such adorable children - great photos! And I like the niche and fan - very stylish.