Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December

I was doing so well there for a while - 6 posts in just a couple of weeks. Not sure what happened to my momentum, sorry about that!

Many things happened in the meantime, of course. Lucy suffered cold #2, I broke M.'s work computer, we hosted my parents and brother for Thanksgiving, we both almost broke the garbage disposal during the prep for Thanksgiving dinner, M. had his first foray into light plumbing, the kids had their first trip into Washington, D.C., AND (drumroll please) I actually started my Christmas shopping. Two gifts down, only a bagillion more to go.

Rather than throw stories at you, I'll just distract you from my lack of posting with photos, since that's what most of you come here for, anyway.

Lucy is adorable.

Finn is adorably strange. Yes, that's a third eye on his head.

We finally dragged out the jumperoo (and packed away the swing, huzzah!). Lucy is enjoying it.

Finn is, too.

The clan we assembled for Thanksgiving, minus Lucy who slept through dinner, and M. who was taking the photo.

Too cute to wear just once, Lucy previewed her Christmas dress for our Thanksgiving visitors.

On Friday we visited the Museum of Natural History, along with apparently half of the D.C. Metro inhabitants. WHY WEREN'T YOU PEOPLE SHOPPING?!?! Crowds aside, Finn enjoyed his first ride on the Metro and all the enormous dinosaurs.

As I may have mentioned, Lucy is cute.

My parents stayed at a hotel with a pool. We were all a bit mislead about just how warm it was going to be (meaning, it was not). We persevered, though, and Lucy eventually enjoyed her first dip in a pool.

Despite chattering teeth, Finn did, too.

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