Saturday, January 10, 2009

We Have...

Poop. In the potty. And I don't quite know what to do with it.

So strange, because on Thursday night, I actually dreamed that Finn pooped in the potty. I don't know why - we haven't been pushing the potty training much at all (you may remember from a previous post a few months ago that I am reluctant to give up diapers just yet). It was not a topic that has been weighing heavily on my mind. But I had the dream - I even told Outnumbered Gal about it at work on Friday.

Finn has been regularly peeing in the potty a couple times a day for a few weeks now - usually when his diaper is changed at daycare, and then at night before bed. But we've never entered #2 territory - that has been deposited solely in his diaper. Last night, I plopped a somewhat resistant Finn on the toilet before bedtime, expecting the usual liquid issuance. He said something about poopy, but I just nodded and said "Mm hmm," because he has been known to mix up poopy and pee-pee - lots of instances of "I pooped," then finding that there's only pee in his diaper. Plus, as I mentioned, he had never pooped on the toilet before. But to my surprise, there was suddenly poop. And then some more. And then, as he made me read him a book (twice), there was even more. I was a bit flabbergasted and at a loss as to how to handle it. I mean, I pictured this as a momentous occasion, one that would require all kinds of celebration and treats in order to show Finn that THIS was GOOD, that we ENCOURAGE this.

But it was just before bed, and I was home alone (M. is out of town). I couldn't ply him with treats and rewards, or shout and dance around the house - it was bedtime, after all. When one is going it alone at bedtime, the last thing you want to do is get your child all riled up before turning out the lights.

So I did the best I could, oohing and ahhing and telling Finn how proud of him I was. I'm not holding my breath that we'll get a repeat performance any time soon, of course, as I think it was complete chance (or perhaps the THREE helpings of baked beans he had at dinner Wednesday night) that caused this. But it's a start!

One for the (mythical, as yet unstarted) baby book? Do I mark it down: First Poopy on the Potty - January 9, 2009??

Another question: How exactly doth one properly clean up a child that has just pooped on the potty? I'm going to start keeping a container of wipes near the toilet (regular TP just does not get the job done), but this kid has some super strong butt clenching muscles. I'm basically forced to gingerly pick him up under his arms, holding his body as far away from mine as possible, and rush him to his changing table so I can do a thorough cleaning job. Not exactly convenient, you know? Is it better to help them clean up while they are still sitting on the potty? Also, if I have trouble getting Finn clean, how on earth can I expect him to ever do the job himself?? Good lord, I'll be wiping his hiney for years at this rate.

PS - sorry for the non-parents about such a poop-heavy post!


  1. heee! I am laughing just thinking of you trying to wipe his butt for the next 5 years.

  2. Oh, what a wonderful surprise. Look forward to hearing what the wiping 'technique' will be!

  3. LOL!! Ya - you'll be wiping for years. trust me ;)

    The easiest way we've found is to get him off the potty and than have him touch his toes. Sometimes just bending over one arm while the other one "does the deed."

    And Mike and I had a whole entire discussion about wipes vs. toilet paper...and how the heck we get ourselves clean when it doesn't feel like the TP does the trick for our kids... heh

  4. Finn is now the proud owner of $27 worth of Cars toys. I took him to Toys R Us on Saturday for a treat to celebrate the poop, and he conned me in to way more toys than I planned to buy. I'm such a sucker!

    Despite the many treats, though, we have not had a repeat performance yet, as I suspected would happen.

    Thanks for the tips, Nancy, I'll try them out!

  5. Parenthood brings out the strangest poop talk. I actually found myself using the phrase "did someone make a farty farty poopie poop?"