Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Bare Bones Update

Oh, where to begin? Lots of goings on lately, but I haven't been good about blogging about them. Most probably would have bored you, anyway. I mean, I could have droned on and on and on about our search for a new daycare, our angst-ridden decision-making process over whether to move Finn to the new daycare permanently or just temporarily... snore, right? Or I could have described, in excrutiating detail, the small steps we've been taking to get ready for the baby (crib set up, closet shelves installed, nightlight purchased and delivered, etc). But you are spared, tasks are completed, and my mind has moved on. Except I will briefly say that we DID find Finn a new daycare that we like a lot, and we have decided to move him there permanently. Boring, angst-ridden posts about breaking up with his current daycare and his first day at the new school (March 2nd) will follow, I'm sure.

We just returned from a trip to Wisconsin, an extended weekend with M.'s side of the family. We hadn't seen them since last Christmas. It's hard living so far away from them, because we really want Finn to be close to his cousins and the rest of the family. So, we braved the cold weather to make a trip before we are rendered (temporarily?) immobile by the birth of the baby. Finn was immediately comfortable playing with his cousins Ty (age 7) and Bo(age 4). Despite the age difference, they all seemed to enjoy playing with each other. Finn was a little slower to warm to the adults, and even by the time we left, he was refusing to give good bye hugs. But overall, much fun was had (lots of good food, Wii playing, hockey watching, and general good humor), and nobody lost any digits from frost bite.

We returned from highs of 3 degrees F to a surprise winter storm (well, a surprise for us, at least) here in Maryland. Just when I needed a full day at the office to slog through my crowded inbox, my work was shut down at 1pm so that crews could clear the roads and parking lots. Of ONE INCH of snow. Puh-lease. My Massachusetts upbringing is totally scoffing. The roads were barely wet. Still, I had to go hang out at a Panera (free Wi-Fi!) for an hour and a half with my laptop just to give Finn a chance to finish his nap at school before we went home. Poor kid is so behind on sleep from our trip, there was no way I was going to interrupt another nap. Then, thanks to his Cars movie obsession, I was able to fit in a oouple more hours of work while Finn was parked in front of the TV (bad mommy!).

The snow did start up again early this evening, and has already turned to a sleet/freezing rain/hail/wet snow mix. I'm sure tomorrow morning the roads will be VERY icy, but I'm betting that the post will have weather closing regret from yesterday, and they will make us all come in to work at the normal time. So silly.

I have many more ideas for blog posts - they seem to come to me at 3:30 in the morning, when I wake up to pee and can't fall back to sleep (stupid aching hips!). Hopefully I will get better about the execution phase, eh? Maybe then I can move beyond the blog posts that read like a dear diary accounting of what we've been up to, and get in some more quality ramblings.


  1. I'm such an old lady when it comes to snow - you would totally laugh at me. Sounds like you've been having fun!

  2. I like all the boring details so don't edit yourself for me! You definitely need to start posting more. Of course I haven't had the baby yet so I'm sure things are a bit harder when you are chasing around a 2 year old.

  3. Ugh. Just shoveled. Had to shovel 6 ft off ground b/c of retaining walls. So hate winter.

    More cute pics please!

  4. seriously, Ty and Bo? Ty-Bo, like the workout? I love it!