Sunday, September 15, 2013


I'm loving all these book recommendations - please, keep them coming! So far I haven't begun a new book - I'm weighing my options. I finally figured out how to borrow e-books from my library, but unfortunately, everything I looked up was already taken out. So I have 4 or 5 books requested for hold right now - I have a feeling that it will take a while to get them.

In other news, I think I may finally give in and buy myself an iPhone. I've been living with my non-data plan, bare bones/basic phone quite happily for a long time, and I've been reluctant to upgrade to a phone that will cost me an extra $30 a month. But M. got an iPhone a few months ago (he already had a Blackberry, which was no bueno - and I can attest to this, as I also have a Blackberry supplied by my job and it, too, is no bueno - so the only extra cost for his iPhone was the phone itself), and what can I say? I'm jealous. I want a cute phone case (I will get a super cute and probably not-at-all-practical one, I have already decided this. Just haven't decided on WHICH super cute case), and I want to amuse myself with the Internet and Pinterest and Facebook and Instagram and all kinds of other crap all. the time. I want it, I do.

I've usurped M.'s phone to a degree - I set up an Instagram account for myself on it. This is because M. does not "believe" in Instagram; he's all "why would you want to take a perfectly good photo and ruin it?" Jerk. Anyway, I knew he wouldn't want to set up his own account, so I went ahead and did it. But every time I want to take a photo, I'm not holding the damn phone. Because it's not mine, of course. And I want to take ALL THE PHOTOS. All the time. Capture the moments, what have you.

AND. And. My 10th anniversary is coming up. The "celebration" gift for 10 years is tin, and there is some tin in the iPhone (albeit apparently illegally mined), so this is totally legit, right? Plus, M. will be GONE on our 10th anniversary, and he won't be just anywhere, he will be in ALASKA. Because he gets to go to all the fun places. I get to drive back and forth to Northern Virginia.

I think I deserve two iPhones.

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  1. If your husband already has an iphone, then if you use the same iTunes account, you can get all of his apps for free. It just makes sense.

    (helping you justify)