Monday, August 26, 2013

Me, Too! Me, Too!

Judging by Facebook, I'm a little late to the game with my official "first day of school" photos - such is life with a big fancy camera but no iPhone, I guess. But I have them! And I will share them here, even though I am still woefully behind on posting the rest of the photos from our Maine vacation.

The first day of first grade was fine - great, even. But mostly just normal. The nervous excitement from last year (for all of us!) is pretty much gone. Many of the faces are familiar, the schedule is familiar, even (especially) the paperwork (all the paperwork!) is familiar. We're right back to last year's routine, almost like summer never happened.

Except for the lingering tans and full memories, of course.

Without further ado, I give you....

First Grader Finn!

And his flashy new backpack with his name AND a WOLF. He is stoked.
 And I also give you...

Pre-K2 Lucy!

Not to be outdone, with her Cinderella backpack

These two kids kill me with how cute they are.


And for good measure, one of the photos from last year:


  1. OMG they look adorable!!!!!!!!!11

  2. Forgot to point out that yes, my child is accessorizing with a car freshener. Pina colada scent. :-)

  3. I love that they are holding hands. So cute! :)