Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Maine, Round 1

I'm barely a quarter of the way through all the photos, and I'm already overwhelmed. So many good ones to choose from! Must post for posterity! Whelp, I'm afraid I'm just going to have to bore you with multiple photo-heavy, text-light posts.

We left off at the end of our first day of vacation, merrily swimming in the lake and falling into exhausted heaps (what with the whole "4 a.m. wake-up" we suffered through). Our first full day in Maine had us heading up the Songo River. We boated in style:

Wasn't it a beautiful quiet morning for a boat ride?

SOMEONE demanded a snack within the first 10 minutes of the outing, per usual.
Then again, the rest of us WERE having Bloody Mary's, so I guess it was only fair
M. and Finn fished (no takers to be had)

My mom :-)

Sporting some new Spiderman sunglasses

We traveled through the Songo River lock before stopping to take a quick dip off the boat in Brandy Pond. Then we headed under the bridge into Long Lake (scene of the Great Crane Crash of 2011) for lunch and ice cream at Rick's:

Have you ever seen a cuter ice cream face?
Lucy fell asleep on the chilly, quick ride back home, just like this - on her Grammy's lap, clutching a teddy bear, snuggled under a blanket

Later that night we roast marshmallows and made s'mores

The next day, Monday, started out rainy/cloudy, so Lucy played dress up with a flower girl dress that I wore when 6-year-old me was in my Aunt Robin and Uncle Tom's wedding (handmade by Robin's mom!):

 My dad took me, M., and Finn on a 3-mile hike/walk that involved some fun woodsy scrambling and WAY too many horse flies, while Lucy and my mom baked brownies. At some point (that day? the next day?), there was more beautiful scenery and fishing:

There was also kayak-purchasing (we added two kid-sized kayaks to my parents' collection of boats), ice cream eating, actual kayaking (Finn was a rock star! Lucy mostly just let us do all the work while we towed her along), and jet ski driving (not my favorite activity!), and lots more swimming and hot-tubbing.

Tuesday afternoon my sister Kristin arrived with her three kids (and thus ended the quiet part of our vacation).

Next up - more photos! Of cousins! Stay tuned.

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