Monday, February 18, 2013

The Longest Long Weekend Ever (and a Lost Tooth)

I love my children, I really do. Let me just say that first, to soften the blow of what I say next. Which is... I am SO tired of my children. So, so tired.

I had a long week at work last week, involving two VERY early wake-ups on Tuesday and Wednesday. Before I had fully recovered from that, M. winged his way off to Boston for the entire long weekend. He boards a return flight in about 20 minutes, and should (fingers crossed) be home by around dinner time tonight. The nearly 5 days that he has been gone took an eternity to go by. The kids and I survived, but I can't say that this was my easiest "single parenting" gig.

It was kicked off by Finn coming down with a cough/headache/fever on Thursday night. We've all had broken sleep for every single one of the last 4 nights (WHY can't modern medicine figure out a way to treat a cough, FTLOG), with me up multiple times each night for Finn AND Lucy (2 a.m. this morning ushered in a tearfully angry Lucy standing in the hall with her hands on her hips shouting at me that she "HAS TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!" - not understanding that I had turned my fan on to drown out the sounds of Finn's coughing after I administered less-than-helpful drugs, and couldn't hear her the first few times she called for me. It was magical and restful, as you can imagine). Finn only managed to stay fever-free without ibuprofen as of this morning, just in time for Lucy to start feeling horrible. I have a feeling we are ushering in another few days of sick kidness.

So to recap, not only were both kids home with me on Saturday and Sunday, but Finn was also home with me on Friday, and both kids are home with me today (gone are the days when I can just drop them both off at daycare on some of these minor holidays). Aside from a brief birthday party interlude and the guy at the grocery store fish counter, I've been bereft of adult conversation. I may order pizza tonight just so I can speak to someone over the age of 6.

We're capping the weekend off with a trip to the dentist today for both kids. Making it the seventh kid dental visit in a row that M. has squirreled his way out of. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

On a brighter note, THIS happened:

First lost tooth - one for the virtual baby book! February 18, 2013. Sorry for the slightly gory photos, but such is the nature of parenthood, I suppose. I have one excited Kindergartner who is eagerly anticipating his first visit from the Tooth Fairy tonight. Which M. will have to coordinate, as I plan to be officially off duty.


  1. Sounds like a totally brutal weekend, and I hope you enjoy your off duty time!

  2. Oh man. Single parenting weekends are the WORST. Be sure to milk the guilt and go out by yourself soon!

  3. So exciting for Finn! Kinda makes it all worthwhile, right? ;-)

  4. So did he pull out the tooth himself or did the dentist do the gory job? Mom

  5. He pulled it out himself, about 2 hours before the dental appointment. He was very proud of himself!