Sunday, February 10, 2013

Musical Dresses

Watching the Grammy's and loving:
1) Adele - she is so beautiful and smart and SUCH a great example to girls everywhere. I heart her. And desperately want to know her baby's name, because I'm pyscho like that. Also I'd like to be her best friend. And sing like her, obvs. Basically, I could at any moment become crazy stalker-y over her.
2) Neil Patrick Harris - of course. Who doesn't love him? I would ALSO like to be best friends with him. And if we're making a list, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, too.
3) fun. - I've documented my love for them before. They sing with such enthusiasm and emotion, even if they are a little on the odd side.
4) Mumford and sons - how is the lead singer singing, playing guitar, and playing a drum with his foot? And do they really NOT have a drummer? I never would have known.

NOT loving:
1) Taylor Swift - something about her bugs me. She's too choreographed. It doesn't look like she has real, actual fun on stage
2) L.L. Cool J's monologue - though luckily I was able to fast forward through a bunch after I paused to TV to attend to a persnickety Lucy who insisted her blankets weren't arranged correctly.
3) J. Lo's dress - She'll be topping all the Worst Dressed lists, for sure.

But this is not a live-blogging of the Grammy's, this is a post to document Lucy's new clothing purchases from this weekend. While we were out (at Target, naturally), we kept an eye out for a dress that Lucy might be able to wear to my cousin's upcoming April wedding. We found one, and somehow in the process, Lucy conned us into buying not one but THREE new dresses for her. She is in seventh heaven. This is a prime time for adorable fancy girl dresses, what with the upcoming Easter holiday. We struck out in the boy's section, though - we'll have to hunt another day for a shirt/tie/vest/pants ensemble for Finn (he is less than excited about this, but I will prevail). Without further ado, Lucy's new dresses:

This dress is the contender for the wedding:

Sorry for the blurry photo - this is an adorable purple dress that might see some action on Easter sunday:

Here is Lucy showing off the purple dress in a video of her "swirling," the entire reason she likes wearing dresses:

And here is the one Lucy INSISTED we buy for her. She wore it today to a birthday party and got lots of compliments, mostly from adults wondering if it came in their size. I kind of agree, I'd wear it in a heartbeat:

Finn may not have gotten new finery to wear this weekend, but because of some stellar behavior at school over the past two weeks, he scored himself the Clone Trooper alarm clock that he's been begging for. He insisted on using it for Sunday morning, but apparently he was so excited that he was already well awake before it went off this morning:

And finally, bonus photo of Lucy snuggling with M. this morning. Dads are comfy:


  1. Love it! Sigh, there are no full-skirted girly dresses in my house!

  2. I like the picture of Lucy sitting cross-legged on the floor...could win a contest!

  3. Beautiful dresses! I had the same gray and pink one in my cart yesterday at Target! But C started melting down so we left. Crazy. Lucy looks fab.

  4. How do you get her hair to look so great?!? Whatever your secret is Cameron needs it!

  5. I saw these dresses at Target and totally wanted them-- so excited to have a baby girl to wear dresses! Lucy is adorable!