Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School, Part I

The Proud Kindergartener

And his equally excited sister, marking the day in style

Finn won't be riding the bus, so no "getting on the bus" photo for us. You'll have to settle for a side view of his new backpack (which apparently was a hot commodity at Target this year, as at least a couple other kids have the same one. Wonder how many times Finn will accidentally come home with the wrong one...)
So, the first day of school is over. I am exhausted  and stressed out and feeling more than a little frazzled (what, this isn't all about ME?) - I'm hoping this gets easier as we settle in to a new normal. I think a lot of my reaction is due to an unrelenting, high pressure workload lately, and my own sense of mom guilt (YOU GUYS. Dropping Finn off at his new before-school program was THE HARDEST THING.). But Finn, he seems to be doing pretty well. He was a little uncertain as we approached the school (he admitted he was "a little scared"), and he asked us if we could stay with him at the before-school program. He didn't cry when we left, though, and the information we've been able to drag out of him has been mainly positive. Except for the one kid that apparently called him "weird" during the practice fire drill his class had today. Why one kindergartener would feel the need to call another kindergartener he had just met "weird" is a mystery to me. But Finn can't even remember if he said anything back in response, so hopefully this was a mere blip that didn't bother him too much. Well, other than the fact that it bothered him enough to tell me as we were walking out of the school this afternoon. And that he made sure I mentioned it to my mom when she called to see how Finn's day had gone.

It's good Finn knows nobody's name yet, or else this child would have just made a Momemy (Mom Enemy - do you think that might catch on?) for life. Weird. I'll show YOU weird, you MEANIE.

But really, mostly a good report. Now I have to go take myself off and sign paperwork and fill out emergency contact information in triplicate (I could expound on the torture that is filling out emergency contact information when one lives far away from EVERYONE, but I won't). And drink this glass of wine next to me.


  1. This was a very funny post. Momemy indeed!

  2. It was shocking to us how quickly the boys experienced things like being called names and getting punched in the crotch once they started public school. Personally I find it good so they start learning quickly how to pick good friends!

    Congrats on the first day!