Thursday, February 16, 2012

Video Killed the Radio Star

M. is out of town for the next few days, living it up in Vancouver. If a work trip can be called "living it up," of course. Never mind that I might be a little jealous about the whole Vancouver thing (seriously, his job takes him to WAY cooler places than my job takes me), or that I'm parenting solo over a long weekend. I'm determined to have a fun with the kids, and make M. jealous of what he's missing. My goal is to try to post SOMETHING here every day over the next few days - a photo of the kids, a little blurb about our day, anything, really.

Tonight I give him (and all of you)... videos! And not just any videos - music videos!

First up is the warm-up practice, where Finn is practicing some old school la-la-la's to loosen up his vocal cords:

Then we have both kids singing Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain," the latest family fav. Finn takes a lead roll here:

And finally, I present... Lucy, the Angry Emo Singer:

She kills all of us every time she sings this song. She has this much anger and force EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It's like she's channeling all the break up rage straight from Adele. God, she's going to be a super fun teenager.

And just for fun and posterity's sake, a bonus video. Last week Finn's class at daycare focused on African American inventors as part of their unit on Black History Month. The kids were asked to "invent" something at home with the help of their parents, and bring their invention in that Friday for Show and Tell. We all struggled a bit with what, exactly, to invent. Five year olds don't have the clearest idea of what it means to "invent" something - for example, we had to gently explain to Finn that we couldn't invent a jet plane because, well, someone else already did (aside from other, slighly more practical reasons not to pursue it, like a jet plane's enormous size and complexity). What we settled on eventually was a "Marshmallow Catapult," a neat little machine to launch marshmallows directly into a cup of hot cocoa (totally novel, I'm sure). Here is a photo (hot cocoa not pictured, and indeed, not actually tested with said contraption, due to it's hot nature):

And here it is in action. You'll see at the end that the natives turn hostile and start firing on their poor, hapless camera-woman:

Alright, time for me to resume catching up on old Glee episodes and other such "only when M. is out of town" indulgences. I will probably be in a Pinterest coma by morning - send help if I don't answer my phone :-).

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  1. Real conversation between me and Jon this week.

    L: I am so jealous you are going to Slovenia AND Denmark AND England in two weeks. And visiting your sister at her countryside MANOR in England. So jealous.

    J: But it's for work.