Saturday, February 11, 2012

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

Lucy is clearly in the "Why" phase of development. A constant barrage of that one little word that, no matter how clear and concise or detailed and wordy your answer is, is always followed immediately by yet another "why?". This is the phase of parenting that is usually accompanied by increased alcohol consumption.

I've decided that it's time for me to ask the questions around here. A few things I've been wondering lately:

Why do people make cake-like brownies, when everyone knows the gooey ones are better?

Why does it always feel like winter truly sets in AFTER Groundhog's Day, and it's tantalizing dream of Spring?

Why are those sinks that sit on top of the counter instead of under it all the rage?

Why do slow drivers in the left-hand lane no longer practice the courtesy of moving to the right when someone behind them clearly wants to drive faster?(rampant and seriously frustrating to those of us serial highway commuters!!)

Why did Blogger change their interface, making me very confused and apparently eliminating my ability to manage my blog from my work computer (which I never do, anyway, of course)?

And because I'm all for keeping it real around here,woman-style:

Why do panty liners always get crumpled up and moved away from the ONE SPOT where it would have been nice to have protection?

Why do tampons leak, even though upon removal of said tampon, it is clearly not saturated?

Unfortunately, Wikipedia doesn't have all the answers, damn it!


  1. Don't worry, I think those "above ground" sinks are going to look mighty dated in a few years... just like my kitchen!

  2. I have all the same questions as you! The sink thing? I do not understand. It's like they want my bathroom to look MORE cluttered (as if that was possible). And the brownie thing was a huge mystery to me too until I did an online survey for a blogging conference and MANY people said they preferred cake-like brownies? WHA? I mean, why not just have actual cake with frosting? It's a mystery.