Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Menu

We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner for my parents this year, a tradition that has been interrupted every now and then, but has been fairly steady for the last 8 years or so. This is our big "entertaining" holiday, since we travel for just about every one of the other ones. This weekend we had our big "Thanksgiving Dinner" shopping trip, which (unfortunately, because we've both been so busy) also coincided to the day with our "Thanksgiving Menu Planning" efforts. Sunday morning I spent a couple of hours scouring websites and recipes, and by 11:30 that day we were shopping at Wegmans. It was a rush job, and we forgot a few things, but I think (I hope) we are all set and ready for tomorrow. Here's the rundown of what we're eating:


Crabbies (similar to - but not exactly the same as - this recipe)

A dip made out of radish, plain Greek yogurt, walnuts, mint, cumin seeds, and some other stuff (M. is in charge of this one - it's a recipe from a co-worker of his and he has been raving about it since he tried it, sorry, I don't have the recipe in electronic format)

Figs stuffed with blue cheese and almonds and drizzled with honey (some will be wrapped in bacon - no real recipe here, either)


Oven Roasted Turkey Breast (M. is in charge of the bird and is "winging it" - ha ha - sans recipe)

Sweet Potatoe Casserole (recipe from

Garlic Mashed Potatoes (from Alton Brown)

Green Bean Casserole with Madeira Mushrooms (from Cooking Light)

Roasted Baby Vegetables (no recipe on this one, just plan to toss with EVOO, S&P, and parsely and cook in the oven)

Rye rolls and cheese bread (not homemade, from Whole Foods and Wegmans, respectively)

Homemade cranberry sauce (no recipe here, either, just winged it based on the instructions my mom gave me over the phone. Cook 2 bags of cranberries in boiling water, drain and mush up/strain through a fine sieve - or use food mill, which would be easier, but I didn't have one - put back in saucepan and add 2 cups of sugar, cook until sugar is dissolved, pour in to glass containers and chill. I added orange zest and a little orange juice, too.)


Chocolate Pudding Pie (from Wegmans)

Homemade Pumpkin Pie (I married the filling from this recipe with the streusel top from this recipe, and cheated by cooking it in a store bought graham cracker crust. I made it last night, and it looks and smells heavenly!)

I am excited to see my parents, and eat yummy food until my sides split. And then try to motivate myself to exercise it all away later this weekend.

I can personally attest to the sweet potatoe recipe and the crabbies recipe, as I've made both before and they are excellent. I'll have to report back on the rest after this weekend. How about you - any awesome, time-tested Thanksgiving recipes to share?


  1. OMG! Shades of Andona....brings back lots of good your blog. Please say hi to your parents for us!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Sounds delicious, I am sure you guys had a great time! But why try to fancy up green bean casserole? At my house, it is the recipe from the back of the french's onion can! I am sure your cranberries were perfect - but if you want a recipe, my mom has a world famous one that includes dried apricot and some booze of some sort.