Monday, February 21, 2011

A REAL Holiday

Today was one of those magical, rare days - a holiday that M. and I both had off of work, but for which daycare was still open. Yes, that's right - it was a holiday from PARENTING. I'm certain that many parents chose to spend this day WITH their children, enjoying an extra day of togetherness. M. and I are not those parents. We hustled Finn and Lucy into daycare bright and early, and spent an entire day doing things we have been putting off because they are a pain in the ass to do with kids in tow. Namely, we shopped.

And we were quite successful at it, too. We started the day with a bang - bought a brand-new, bottom-freezer, french door, stainless steel refrigerator. Woot! Big sales and a tax-free weekend for energy saver appliances enticed us - that, and the inability to live with our disgusting, ancient, no-room-for-anything side-by-side refrigerator any longer. It arrives on Thursday, and now I am having trouble NOT seeing all the other things I'd like to change about my kitchen. Off-white, easily stained formica counter top. Linoleum floor. Cabinets with highly visible wood grain (a pet peeve of mine). An over-the-range microwave oven with a tippy door that will now be the only NON-stainless steel appliance in the room. Our shiny new fridge deserves a better home than this! But hey, one thing at a time, right?

We had breakfast and lunch out, we bought pants (M.) and shoes (me) and T-shirts (M.) and workout pants (me) and much-needed new underwear (also me). We actually walked around the mall and browsed through clothing racks and tried things on. It was wonderful.

The kids thought we were at work.

We did talk about them, at least. A little.

To make up for our utter lack of guilt in passing up an extra family day, here are some cute photos that can spark feelings of "aw" in the the grandparents and great-grandparents, taken over the weekend.

Finn gets High Five magazine every month (thanks, Mimi!), and this weekend he decided he wanted to make the recipe from the February issue - Happy Face Pizzas. He and I rolled out the dough and topped 4 mini pizzas for the whole family to enjoy. They came out great!

Finn ate at least half of his, including all the veggie toppings.

Lucy did pretty well, too (though I'm pretty sure she ignored the broccoli nose and red pepper mouth).

Finn refused to let me cut his pizza into slices, so he ended up wearing a fair amount of the sauce, too.


  1. Love the pictures. . ."ah, how cute!" and enjoyed seeing "Mimi's blankets" in the background. . .thanks for sharing and love to all of you!. .Mimi and Papa

  2. Love the pizza idea. They are both getting so big! And, every Wednesday I drop Joel Andrew off at Daycare and I have a 1/2 day work from home, 1/2 day of sanity - Dr appt, errands - hey, I even get my nails done. It is FABULOUS. You deserve a day here and there, if not every week! I totally sympathezie with you about the kitchen... We just put crown molding up in our family room, it looks awesome. Instead of just being excited about it - I now can't stop thinking about putting it in the kitchen, and hall... Ah, it is never done!