Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weather and Birthdays and Cereal

So, it's snowing. And I'd be OK with this, but I am still traumatized by last winter's storms. Thus, I am alarmed at how often the lights have flickered tonight. I don't think I can survive another winter night without power, at least not in a house with drafty windows and an inconveniently-positioned fireplace (in the cold, cold basement, in case you were wondering).

OK, wait - just had an interruption that involved the power going out completely, me scurrying around to turn on a flashlight and find M.'s phone with the electric company's number in it, the power coming BACK on (phew!?), and me continuing to scurrying around to light some "just-in-case" candles and hoard all the others I could find onto the dining room table. Every single digit of my body is crossed that the power STAYS ON. And the internet, of course.

I don't really have anything of importance to say here. In fact, I'm not really sure what this blog post is supposed to be about.

It could, I suppose, be about how I forgot it was M.'s birthday, sort of. I mean, I knew it was GOING to be his birthday. I remarked on it several times over the last couple of weeks, usually to remind him that he was in no way to expect a birthday present this year because he was generously gifted at Christmas (I bought him a Kindle, and fleece pants that he coveted, and a Chevrolet T-shirt in honor of our new car as a joke-y gift, and immediately after Christmas I bought him a very nice lighted case for his Kindle. For a couple who usually agrees to give each other stocking stuffers with a $50 limit, it was a spendy holiday). But then, on his actual birthDAY, I forgot. At least at first. I made it all the way to work before my Outlook calendar reminded me that it was, indeed January 25th. And it dawned on me that I was a loser who had forgotten to even wish her husband a happy birthday.

OK, I interrupt this blog post for a status update. Power just blinked off (off-off, not just a brown out - must go resume the dishwasher as I should really have clean dishes if I am to be stranded without power. And wine. Must go open wine bottle) and came back on again. Internet did not go out this time.

Aaaand, I'm back. Wine glass is filled and I've bumped the thermostat up to 75 to try to store up some nice hot air while I can. If the power doesn't actually go out, I may roast in my bed tonight.

So, back to the birthday. The worst part is that not only had I forgotten in the haze of the morning rush that it was M.'s birthday, but I had also forgotten to prepare the kids for the event. They had no idea it was Daddy's birthday, we had fashioned no cards, made no crafty-ish birthday presents, baked no cakes. I was striking out everywhere. I have no real defense, except that every year I feel the same challenge, and that is the challenge of battling "Christmas shopping fatigue" that leaves me lacking energy and ideas to plan for anything gift-related during the month of January. Some years I do better than others. No need to suggest that I shop early, and buy an extra gift or two for M. during the pre-Christmas shopping season. I am always so behind on my Christmas shopping and my Christmas gift ideas that this would just add more holiday stress than I can handle. I KNOW.

I did the best I could to make it up to M. I left him a "Happy Birthday" song voicemail (in which I changed to words a bit to point out what a moron I was), ran out at my lunch hour to buy a plain frosted cake and two cards (one from me - humorous - and one from the kids - cute), decorated the cake with the kids, taught Lucy to say "Birthday Daddy!", did the cake/candles/singing thing, had us order take out of M.'s choosing for an adult-only dinner once the kids went to bed, and, ahem, did other wifely things, if you know what I mean (and I'm sure you do). I think in the long run I made it up to him, but I still feel like a donkey's hiney.

He's 35, by the way, in case you wanted to know. Or as he likes to put it, he can now round up to 40.

Alternatively, this blog post could be about cereal. Remember back near the top, where I let on that I don't really know what to write about and am still deciding? And then I wrote a lot about the weather and M.'s birthday? Perhaps cereal is a better topic. Because I must say that I have more than a minor crush on Honey Bunches of Oats, which may well be the best cereal EVER invented. It is the one breakfast item that gives bagels a run for their money in my eyes as "favorite breakfast food" category (though bagels still have the edge overall). Oh, if only it was like celery, and I could burn more calories by the act of eating it than actually contains! The only drawback to it is that it is not easily eaten dry, and thus you really need a bowl with milk or yogurt and a spoon to delight in it (I prefer milk, just so you know). I seriously heart HBOO. When I was a kid, I had a thing for Cap'n Crunch, mostly because my mom would never let me have it, I presume because it is entirely unhealthy (and yet we always had Apple Jacks and Fruit Loops on hand so I'm not really sure I understand the rationale there). Now, as an adult, I appreciate a cereal that is only slightly sweetened, with a nice variety of textures (flaky flakes! crunch bunches of oats! Sometimes, when I buy the blue box, even slivers of almonds! A veritable cornucopia in my mouth!). The thought of Cap'n Crunch actually turns my stomach a bit. How about you - what's your favorite cereal, then and now?

With no way to artfully wrap up this mess of a post, and my nerves on edge (despite the delicious Layer Cake zinfandel I am sipping, I am considering offering up some sort of sacrifice to the powers that be at Pepco if they just KEEP MY POWER ON), I think I'll just stop here then.

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  1. Your blog posts, serious or not so serious, are wonderful and always make me laugh at loud - since even in your more serious posts you always use a bit of humor, as we all should!

    Feel free to guess where I laughed out loud at this one ;)