Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Haaaaave you met Martin?

1. So, have you? Met Martin, that is? I haven't, but Finn has. Or not really. But sort of. Martin spends a lot of time in his car, driving. He drives a lot. You may not have met him yet because he's always driving. That's because Martin lives far away. On Mars.

2. That whole childlike imagination thing? Really taking off (see Martin the Martian, above). It's fascinating and fun to watch.

3. When Finn listens to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face," he hears fireworks in the background of the music. He has never actually seen a firework in action, so I'm not sure how he is so certain of this. However, if you listen closely, he's kind of right.

4. Also, my three-year-old can recognize Lady Gaga on the radio. Her name makes him giggle.

5. Today I realized my trunk was open just as I was getting on the highway. In retrospect, it now makes sense why I thought I had already unlocked my car when I reached for the door handle and found it locked. Apparently instead of unlocking the car, I popped the trunk. Cut to 10 minutes later, as I'm bearing down the entrance ramp to the highway, and realizing my trunk is bopping in the wind behind me. I squeamishly edged onto the highway and held my breath for about 6 miles, biding my time until I could get to a "sensible" exit (read: no traffic/easy re-entry) and get off the highway to fix the situation. I kept picturing my reusable grocery bags littering the highway or hitting a large bump and having the kids' stroller bounce through someone's windshield. Then I did hit a large bump, and the trunk shut itself.

6. Illness has entered our house. Again. And again. And aga... Oh, well fine, I think it's just never left. It's moved in and taken up residence on the couch in the basement, making all kinds of demands for pork rinds and beer and foot rubs, like a creepy relative that refuses to MOVE OUT ALREADY! There was the one virus with a fever and a slightly red throat (Lucy), then the second virus with the higher fever and the really yucky throat (again Lucy), then the third virus that brought croup (Finn, oddly remiscent of this time last year), then the cough that has set up shop (Lucy) that we are hoping against hope isn't more croup. And that's just the month of May.

7. Also, this:

8. And this:


  1. Lucy looks so much like you, don't you think? My go to radio station in my car is NPR so I think Cameron will pick up pop music from her friends when she is older. Although I did have my Pink CD in and she was bopping along so maybe I'll start exposing her to some fun music. Lady Gaga definitely qualifies!

  2. What a fun week/month you've had!