Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hair, Hair Everywhere

Finn was only 5 months old when he got his first haircut. I did it mostly because, a) my mom and grandmother were overly insistent that I do so, and b) no matter how much blue I dressed him in, or how many footballs were on his onesie, we continually got asked how old our daughter was. I think you'll agree, he had quite a lot of hair:

I cut it myself, and managed not to make him bleed despite his head that moved every 1.5 seconds. But oh, I was sad to lose those curls! (though they did come back briefly when he was about 9 months old)


And after:

Yesterday, at just about the exact same age, I gave Lucy her first haircut. Now she does not, in any way, have as much hair as Finn did at this age. What she does (did) have, was a very long, straggly mullet that has been getting all tied up in knots every night while she sleeps on her back. To try and control the rat's nest that has been forming each night, I decided to trim just the back of Lucy's hair.

I'm afraid I don't have any "Before" pictures that do the mullet justice. Instead, here are the "During" action shots and a somewhat decent "After" shot:

Again, no bleeding (or crying). I imagine that Lucy will be experiencing haircuts far less often than Finn, who recently got a buzz cut for haircut #371 (or so).

Some bonus pics from this weekend:

OK, this one is actually from last weekend, but it was too cute to pass up

Sleeping in the stroller at a local park

Trying on his Halloween costume

Practicing sitting on her own

At a local farm stand, checking out the pick-your-own flowers


  1. So cute! Cameron has a bit of a mullet too. Perhaps it runs in the family?

  2. I love Finn's buzzcut and his fireman's costume too. Very cute pics!

  3. Love the pics! Penny has a party in the back but I don't feel like cutting it yet.