Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So far, so good re: the big daycare switch.

Finn's start at his new daycare was delayed a day by the snow we got on Monday. He was disappointed, actually - we drove over there on the slippery roads, because when I called they said they were open. The plan was to drop him off for an hour, go have breakfast, then pick him up again before the weather got too bad. Our timing was off, though, because the school decided to close just before we arrived. So we turned right around and got back in our car, and Finn put up a bit of a fuss. He was looking forward to playing at his "new school."

Take 2 was yesterday morning. M. and I both dropped him off, and he didn't cry at all. He was shy and reserved, but I expected that. He gave us both hugs, then we had the teacher distract him a bit while we left. I called at 10 am, and he was still doing fine - according to his teacher he was being active and having fun. He napped well, ate well, and even used the potty a couple of times. When we went to pick him up, he was excited to see us but didn't cry at all. In fact, he tried to stall and play with more toys instead of leave, so I KNOW he was having fun.

This morning was the start of what will be our normal routine, I hope. We left the house at 7 am (what we always aimed for before, but often didn't make), and M. took Finn to daycare while I took off for work. I made it in to the office just before 7:30, which is nice - I can leave a little earlier for the day than I used to. It was definitely strange to not be the one dropping Finn off, though, and even with NPR blaring the car seemed too quiet. M. managed to make his usual train despite the trek out to the school and back.

Fingers crossed that this all continues to work out!

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