Monday, October 20, 2008

Birthday Celebration

Finn's birthday is today, and we had a birthday celebration for him on Saturday to mark the occasion. Nothing extravagant, just some fun activities that the three of us enjoyed together. We woke up (VERY bright and early, it's like he had a sixth sense about the fun waiting for him), opened presents, then headed off to the county airpark. The airpark has a cute little restaurant with lots of windows, so we ate breakfast while watching propeller planes taking off. After some good play time outside, lunch, and a nap, we headed off to the National Zoo. It was pretty chilly out, so I'm glad we only decided to devote half a day to the adventure. There was plenty to see, and Finn had a great time. The orangutans, turtles and giant pandas were particularly big hits. We brought Finn to the zoo last year on his birthday, I guess it is becoming a birthday tradition. Then it was home for cupcakes, singing and bedtime.

The celebration isn't quite over, of course, since today is Finn's actual birthday. He will be having cookies with his classmates (store-bought, as mandated, though this feels like cheating to me) and we will be going out for pizza (his favorite) for dinner.

Stay tuned for a photo entry that documents some of Finn's cutest moments over the past two years - nothing like a birthday to make me feel all maudlin and schmoopy about my baby. For now, here are some pictures from Saturday.

Playing with his new train set from Mommy and Daddy:

Opening presents with Daddy (he was really into ripping the paper himself, so Christmas should be fun this year):

Modeling the awesome letter sweater made by Mimi - go Badgers!:

Trying out his new big boy easy chair from Grammy and Bumpa:

At the zoo with Mommy and a statue of Stillwater (his favorite panda from the book "Zen Shorts"):
Blowing out candles (Mommy did the heavy breathing, Finn wasn't too sure what to make of it):

Mmm, frosting:

The Aftermath (note his newest camera pose, which he assumes whenever you ask him to say cheese - mouth locked open in a painfully large smile, eyes squinched shut):
Not too bad, if you compare to last year's birthday cupcake mess - Finn's first ever experience with cake and frosting:

Gah, I can't believe my baby is already 2!!!


  1. He is such a ham for the camera! Looks like he had a blast this weekend. I can't wait to see his enthusiasm for Xmas this year!

  2. happybirthday finn! we just celebrated maddie's 2nd bday too. so special, i luv this age!