Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Sequel

Ack, I've thought about writing this post for the last, oh, eight and a half weeks, and still, I'm not sure what to say. I wanted drama, excitement, humor, eloquence... but I set my expectations too high, and when the right words didn't come to me, I just said nothing at all. Or maybe it's that I got slightly superstitious, and just didn't want to risk something happening BECAUSE I spilled the beans too early. I mean, OK, if it wasn't meant to be for some reasonable, scientific reason, then I could maybe just dust myself off and try again. But what IF, the mere act of sharing the information (which, really, I am about to share, I swear) far too early, MADE something bad happen? Stupid, I know - a thought not worthy of someone who spent over 20 years in school - but a thought that crossed my mind nonetheless.

So I waited, even though I had every intention of blogging about it all, from the very first day, even any potential bad stuff. Though, of course, to several of you, this is old news (funny how you tell one or two people and suddenly everyone knows, hmm?). To stop this rambling, bring the rest of you up to speed, and just effing get on with it, a pictorial explanation:

12 weeks and 3 days as of today. Estimated due date is April 25, 2009. April is a wonderful month to have a baby, right, Mom? Given my track record (Finn was born 8 days late), we may be having a May baby, but I'm holding out hope for April.

According to the newsletter I received a couple of days ago, this little one is about the size of a lime right now, up a few centimeters from the fig-sized mass it was last week (Side note: Why do they always use produce? Why not say the baby is the size, for example, of a badminton birdie? A shuttlecock, if you will?). As of today I can confirm that it has two arms (you can see one in the picture on the left), two legs, two scary alien-baby eye sockets, a spine, a bladder, a stomach, very low odds for having Trisomies 18 or 21, and a wonderful beating heart. 158 bpm - a little lower than Finn's heart rate at this age, if I remember correctly, but I'm not going to read anything into that. Nor the fact that I've been feeling much worse with this pregnancy (the indigestion! the nausea! the general blech-iness!) than I did with Finn. Our family makes boys, so I'm assuming that's what this one is. Confirmation will not be forthcoming until the birth, however - we are holding out for a surprise on this one.

We are excited, and introducing the concept to Finn. He has heard the heartbeat (thank you, Donna, for the use of your Doppler!) and has a vague idea that there is either a baby or a bulldozer inside my belly (the confusion is my fault, but I think it's cute so we may string him along a little longer). We bought him The Berenstain Bear's New Baby (both to introduce him to the idea of a sibling AND the idea of a new bed, which he will need in the next few months), and we read it occasionally. Finn will be two and a half when this baby is born, an age difference I am hoping is perfect (is there such a thing?). Close enough together to be friends, far enough apart where I won't have TWO babies at once. Though that thought saddens me, as Finn will always be my baby, right?

So, there, it's done with, I managed to actually write a blog post about this. Hopefully the rest of them will come more easily.


  1. Congratulations! And for your reader's info this means that for a short period of time all three of us triplets were pregnant at the same time.

    What good ultrasound pictures! Husband and I thought that the one on the right showed a profile of Abraham Lincoln (really, I said Mt. Rushmore but same idea). Given how much hair Finn had at birth maybe this baby (if a boy) will have a beard too. :)

    As for produce - Husband went out of his way to try to incorporate produce of the week into a meal. Jicama was tough - not very flavorful.

  2. Yay- Glad you finally came out
    and glad for you that you're having as the celebrity magazines call it "a delivery suprise"!

  3. Congratulations!! I found your blog through Outnumbered Gal. You have a beautiful family. Many congrats on the new little one on the way!

  4. Yay! I thought I might log in tonight to find this post...and you thought I was the worrier. Well, you are having a bulldozer (according to DS1 I was having Thomas the Tank Engine). I am still hoping you will give in at your next u/s and tell us what the bulldozer will be!

  5. Congrats!!! 2.5 years between sibs is an awesome age diff, IMHO. Josh and Alex are 28 mos apart and get along great! Best wishes for a happy, healthy pregnancy!

  6. So happy for you guys!!! Big sigh of relief, I'm sure, now that it's off your chest, huh?

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! So excited for you and can't believe how quickly my friends have become mothers of multiple children at a time! Crazy, when did we all grow up? Well, if Finn is any indication, you are going to have a beautiful baby and continue as an amazing mommy and daddy.