Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Unveiling

I'm feeling a lack of cleverness, wittiness, willingness to ramble, diarrhea mouth - whatever it is that normally powers my posts. So, I am taking the easy way out and doing a photo post. For your enjoyment, the big unveiling of our newly remodeled basement. Mark and I slaved all weekend on painting (mostly Mark), shopping (mostly me) and fighting with the towel racks (mostly me). We now have a fully functional bathroom, and an empty but beautiful future office. Ta da!

From the office entrance:

Looking toward the closet:

A view of the vanity and infamous toilet:

Just a note about the towel racks - can we say Aargh?!?!? So frustrating to install. And behind one of the two racks is an extra set of holes, otherwise empty save for some dry wall screws, marring our new, pristine walls. Shh, I won't tell if you don't...

The teeny-tiny shower:

The tile that we agonized over (at least for as long as allowed by a cranky, hungry toddler):

Not sure why I can't get this photo to be oriented correctly but don't worry, the soap dish is not on the ceiling. The super-expensive interesting tile runs in a horizontal line at about eye level (or at least what's considered eye level to me) in the shower.

Just like his Grandpa Mike, who faithfully scrubs the toilets every Sunday, Finn is showing a predisposition toward toilet cleaning:

And some bonus photos...

At the Splash Park:

I didn't know Rambo worked in an office:
My next post will try to have more, you know, words and stuff.


  1. Looks great! Will your contractor come to Andover, Massachusetts?

  2. Excellent! And you don't need any words to describe that cutie-patootie little boy of yours!!!

  3. I always thought those "splash" areas were a bit ghetto - there are a bunch on the Rose Kennedy Green in Boston - lots of tourist kids getting wet.

    What are you doing for the office closet organization? Think carefully - I'm looking forward to doing our home office closet up right with storage, etc. Do some research online before you buy a system - and ask Husband he is the closet EXPERT in our house.

  4. Love the floors, love the tile, good job! And do you hire out your toilet cleaner?

  5. G, he's yours whenever you want him - he's got to start earning his keep one of these days!

    MommyEsq, here in suburbia the splash parks are quite exclusive, didn't you know?

    We have to think about how to organize the closet ASAP, because Dad's "job" when he comes to visit will be it's installation. I'm thinking nothing fancy, we don't plan on storing clothing down there, so we just need some shelving.