Thursday, August 7, 2008

Proof That He's Mine

Lately, anytime someone sees a picture of Finn or the trouble-maker himself, I hear a lot of "I can't believe how much he looks like his father!" True, at one time my mother swore up and down that Finn was a dead ringer for his uncle, Andrew, when he was a baby. Same thick shock of dark hair, same blue eyes. The resemblance really was pretty striking. So clearly the boy has inherited some of my genes, or at least those of my family members. But "Baby Andrew the II" has morphed into "Toddler M. Jr," and it's hard to see much of me in him now. M. and Finn share the same round cheeks, short (compared to mine, anyway) nose, lips, light brown hair, thick eyebrows, and stubby digits. I can only hope this means Finn has inherited M.'s lightening-quick metabolism, too.

Tonight, however, I discovered that Finn did, indeed, inherit at least one trait from me. Pulling off his sandals at the end of a long day, I nearly passed out from the odor. Such a cute kid, such stinky feet!! I'm so proud.

In other news, our basement remodel is nearly finished. We chickened out, and asked the contractor to install the wood flooring in the office for us. What would have taken us a couple of weekends was done in one day. We figure that we'll break even on the labor costs from the otherwise inevitable marriage counseling sessions this has saved us. Pictures will follow soon.


  1. I wish our home improvement projects were done. Instead our list keeps growing. :)

  2. The project may be done after this weekend, but then we have to tackle the disaster area it left behind. My job today is to find a cleaning service to help us remove the thick layer of dust on EVERYTHING. And our list is still pretty long - we just can't afford to tackle anything else on it now :-).

  3. I just "tagged" you on my blog so you have to provide 6 UN-spectatular things about yourself.