Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Medina, Belly Dancers, and More

Uh oh, guys - it's only Tuesday, and I'm just about out of wine. I didn't plan this well.

So yes, it's Tuesday, and things have been going well for both me and M., with only one small exception. Poor little Annie did, indeed, kick the bucket. We had a little funeral for her in front of the toilet. We sang. Lucy sobbed. Then we went to school and work. Finn took it pretty well, actually, even though she was his fish - probably because he's already seen so much fish death over the last year. He's jaded.

I didn't post photos from M. last night because I was tired and cranky. Not for any specific reason, though - the kids have actually been pretty good. So far. Well, Lucy's been a bit much, but that's kind of typical for her lately and nothing I'm not used to. My point, though, is that tonight you get TWO days worth of Morocco photos to look at, courtesy of M. No photos from me, mostly because I completely forgot to take any.

This was M.'s breakfast in the hotel courtyard yesterday morning:

Another pic of the hotel grounds:

See this tree with hanging lanterns?:

Here they are at night - pretty!:

This is a mosque M. passed on the way to the medina (shopping area). While he was in this plaza, a man put a snake on his neck! He did not ask first, because I don't think M. would have said yes! No photo, because they would have had to pay the guy:

Mosque/plaza up close:

On the way to the medina:

 Cool doors:

 More cool doors:

A shopping stall at the medina:

Lots of people and lots of smells, according to M. He said everything at the medina smells like camel, which kept him from pulling the trigger on any fabric related gifts like rugs or scarves:

Which reminds me - I need to ask him why he hasn't sent me a picture of a camel yet!.

Another photo of the medina:

The medina photos were all from yesterday, when M. had some time to do some sightseeing. Today he worked all day, and then apparently relaxed with a local beer:

While watching belly dancers. This was at the hotel restaurant/lounge:

M. said the belly dancers were just phoning it in. I'm not sure how he knows that...?

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