Monday, April 29, 2013


Hey, there...?

Goodness, I almost forgot my log-in, it's been so long. Yikes.

I just spent the last two evenings sifting through 500+ photos and editing them so I could do one huge, monster of a post to catch everyone up on what we've been doing since March 13th, also known as "the day I had LOTS to say about coffee mugs and Ziploc bags." But dude, that seems so overwhelming at this very moment, at 10:10 on a Monday night when M. is away on a work trip and the kids only fell asleep about half an hour ago.

Instead, I bring you a new header photo. And the promise to blog again, soon, about things like Easter in Wisconsin, a wedding in Maine, M.'s vasectomy, and Lucy's birthday party right here in the great state of Maryland. Because she's 4 now, apparently, and she will not let you forget it, not for one minute, not unless she feels like babies have it made and she should pretend she's still 3.

Did you like how I slipped in that bit about M.'s vasectomy? Like it was no big deal? "Yeah, so M. got his vas deferens snipped so we can't have any more babies and then we made green-frosted chocolate doughnuts to celebrate St. Patrick's Day." Which we did do, BTW. The doughnuts, I mean. Well, and also the vasectomy. Which I probably won't actually say much more about, because privacy and "not my balls" and whatnot. But I'll blog about the other stuff, and hopefully new stuff, too.

So, more to come, is what I'm saying.


  1. Can't wait to read all about it! Fun to see all the pics on Facebook from all three sisters.

  2. pictures from your fabulous camera (that your parents gave you for Xmas) as well as more infer...hell Kristin has blogged more than you lately