Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ghosts and Cows, But Not Ghost Cows

A few photos that I meant to post over the weekend, but didn't get around to because M. and I had a Sunday afternoon date (yay!) that involved looking at hardwood flooring samples (also yay!), during which I came down with a raging case of what turned out to be strep throat (not so yay). So I am home from work today, three doses of antibiotics into my course, and steadfastly ignoring my work computer so I can "convalesce" (aka fool around on the internet) some more. Also, I would like to publically thank M. for being such a rock star during this - he put the kids to bed last night and Sunday night, got them both up and out the door this morning, cooked dinner for everyone last night (including some "easy on the throat" invalid-type food for me), made ice cream from scratch with Finn, and picked up the entire house to get ready for the cleaning lady who came this morning - all without complaint, and all without me asking. He just KNEW all the things that needed to get done (and then some), and did them. The hottie I married in grad school is also a GREAT guy - lucky me!

Alright, on to the photos. First up, a special edition of "Breakfast for Dinner," jazzed up a bit from an idea I found on Pinterest (from here: http://www.gourmetmomonthego.com/2008/10/ghostly-pancakes.html). I pinned it to use around Halloween, but couldn't resist trying it out a little early - Ghost Pancakes!

Isn't it cute?

Lucy's Plate

Finn's Plate - can you tell he's an egg lover?

Finn doing some homework from his Jumpstart program last week:

Erasing so earnestly.

Learning to use tally marks to count.

Not to be outdone, Lucy got her own time in front of the camera:

Hiding behind her hair.

Spacey eyes.

A smile, for once.

Followed soon after by the more common camera pout.

We took the kids to a former dairy farm that was converted to a "Mooseum" that is near our house. We all enjoyed the little (free!) interactive museum, and left feeling a bit hungry for some dairy-rich food:

Milking a fake cow

Arts and crafts

Misuse of the bean bag toss game board

But so cute!

An action shot of the bean bag game being properly used.

Finally, some photos of the kids from around the grounds and the nearby playground:


  1. How very special--getting your blogs is better for the spirits than smiles (or a full moon, tonight!) The children are adorable and what fun you have. . .but am so sorry that you are sick, and hope it doesn't last long. As for Mark, we always knew he was a "WONDER!". Love to you all. . . Mimi and Papa

  2. Sorry you aren't feeling well, I distinctly remember the last time I had strep through (shudder). Of course Jeremy was traveling so he couldn't be the rock star M was for you. I actually exerpted that part of your post and sent it to him with the subject line, "slacker" :-)